Photos: ’68 at SOMA (San Diego, CA)

’68 (Atlanta, GA), Being As An Ocean (CA), The Amity Affliction (Brisbane, AUS), and Stick To Your Guns (CA)
March 8th, 2015
SOMA in San Diego, CA

A pretty sweet tour package just hit SOMA in San Diego folks.  ’68, Being As An Ocean, The Amity Affliction, and Stick To Your Guns slayed everybody this passed Sunday night.  I missed the first band but got into the venue just in time for ’68.  After catching ’68 on the Anberlin farewell tour in Florida last year, I jumped at the chance to catch the band live in SoCal.  If you’ve ever seen the band live I’m sure you understand why.  If you haven’t, I’d recommend you change that the next time these boys come to town.  The band is everything you could want.  The music is heavy and rad.  Josh Scogin and Michael McClellan are super entertaining to watch and hilarious to listen to between songs.  You won’t have a chatty crowd at a ’68 show.  Folks are too busy head banging and watching in awe.  It’s awesome guys, trust me.  The band will be across the pond in May so folks overseas heads up.  Dates are here.  After ’68, Being As An Ocean hit the stage.  These guys have a lot of energy and frontman Joel Quartuccio jumps into crowds like nobody’s business.  I had heard a lot about this band but had never seen them for myself until this night.  The hype is real guys.  Another band I had heard a lot about but hadn’t managed to catch until now was The Amity Affliction and these guys were so good.  They had the most active crowd of the night and kept their energy high throughout their set.  I can’t wait to catch these guys again the next time they’re in town.  Finally, Stick To Your Guns hit the stage with a heavy amount of fog, strobes, and police like sirens as the backdrop to “Nobody.” They played a heavy set with plenty of crowd action from those who weren’t spent from the other sets of the night.  Overall everyone left SOMA sweaty, exhausted, and happy.



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