Festival Photos: Indigo Music Festival at the Observatory (Santa Ana, CA)

The Entrance Band

The Vivids (Los Angeles, CA), Dahga Bloom (Fullerton, CA), Thee Rain Cats (Fullerton, CA), Tashaki Miyaki (Los Angeles, CA), L.A. Witch (Los Angeles, CA), Morgan Delt (Los Angeles, CA), Hard Girls (San Jose, CA), The Warlocks (Los Angeles, CA), Ancestors (Los Angeles, CA), The Entrance Band (Los Angeles, CA), Mike Watt (San Pedro, CA), Drinking Flowers (Los Angeles, CA), Mini Mansions (Los Angeles, CA), Moving Units (Los Angeles, CA), Crystal Skulls (Los Angeles, CA), Deerhoof (San Francisco, CA), Kiev (Orange, CA), Talk In Tongues (Los Angeles), Blonde Redhead (New York City, NY), Fever the Ghost (Los Angeles, CA), Deafheaven (San Francisco, CA), Youth Code (Los Angeles, CA), Jeffertitti’s Nile (Los Angeles, CA), Melvins (Los Angeles, CA)
January 31st, 2015
The Observatory, Santa Ana, CA

Full Gallery: Indigo Music Festival 2015

As festival season approaches, Southern Californians were able to get their fix for the time being last month at the Observatory’s Indigo Music Festival. A bill featuring mostly local alternative-rock bands, the iconic Melvins headlined, along with genre-defying groups Deafheaven and Blonde Redhead. Originally a weekend long event, the festival was unfortunately condensed to a single Saturday. Despite the setback, the show went on and 24 bands split between two stages rocked some of Orange County’s biggest, noisiest music lovers.

Some of the day’s highlights: Dahga Bloom introducing themselves as the Melvins, L.A. Witch‘s intense jamming, The Entrance Band‘s smooth moves, Deerhoof‘s EVERYTHING, Talk In Tongues‘ drummer busting a hole through his snare, and of course, the Melvins and their double drums set up!

Check out some photos below of the Indigo Fest or see the full gallery of all 24 bands right here.

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