Photos: Secret Someones, Twin Forks, & Jukebox the Ghost at El Rey Theatre (Los Angeles, CA)

Secret Someones, Twin Forks, and Jukebox the Ghost
January 31st, 2015
El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, CA

Jukebox the Ghost hit Los Angeles’ El Rey Theatre for their biggest headlining show to date.  They played along with Brooklyn’s Secret Someones and Twin Forks.  If you’ve yet to hear about Secret Someones you’re dropping the ball.  They sound like bliss on a spring day I swear.  Only one of two things can happen when you have such a good band open up a show -the show could get a lot better or a lot worse. Luckily for everyone in attendance it only got better.  Dashboard Confessional’s Chris Carrabba has a new project in case you haven’t heard.  That new project is Twin Forks and it’s pretty rad.  The band had the entire crowd clapping and eventually it wasn’t long before the crowd caught onto the lyrics and began singing along.  Everyone was all smiles when the band covered Violent Femme’s “Blister in the Sun” and then everyone was all feels as they began to play “Hands Down.”  The band ended their set with “Back to You” and not very long after Jukebox the Ghost hit the stage.  Fresh off of a Conan performance these guys have been in high demand and with due right.  Their live show if nothing else will have you leave with a giant smile on your face.  The folks standing in line that stretched around the block can attest to this.  It’s impossible to have a terrible time at a Jukebox the Ghost show and this night was no exception.  The guys were on point as they began their set with “Postcard” and then dabbled between their newest record and their first record.  Fans got to see drummer Jesse step in front of his kit for the intro of “Hollywood” and Ben and Tommy kill it at the front of the stage.  Then just when you thought the night couldn’t get any better the band called out Secret Someones for an incredible cover of “Walk Like An Egyptian.”  It was incredible.  Guys, seriously make sure you catch this band in your town.  Dates are here.


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