Photos: American Football at The Fonda Theatre (Hollywood, CA)

David Bazan (Seattle, WA) and American Football (Urbana, IL/Chicago, IL/Denver, CO)
December 14th, 2014
The Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, CA

Illinois’ own American Football is damn near mythical.  The band released one record back in 1999, disbanded shortly after and was never heard of again, until now.  They hit the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood for a two night stint to celebrate the 15 year anniversary of American Football.

David Bazan is kind of a legend to me so naturally, I was way stoked he started the night off.  I’ve caught him several times at small venues, larger venues, house shows but what always surprises me is how he manages to make his shows so intimate regardless of their setting.  Throughout an excellent set of songs and his usual Q&A sessions, he managed to educate the crowd while still entertaining the hell out of it. Put down “Catch David Bazan live” on your bucket list now if you haven’t caught him live yet.  You won’t regret it.

Finally 15 years of waiting was about to be over.   The Fonda’s curtains opened and revealed the iconic house from the record that would be the backdrop for the night.  The guys were all smiles and looked almost shocked that so many people were there to see them, some repeating the event from the night before.  They began their set with “Five Silent Miles” and the crowd was practically purring.  They didn’t stick to the order of the record but it didn’t matter.  The set was designed to build at the end and that it did.  By the time they got to “Never Meant” the crowd exploded.  Singing louder than frontman Mike Kinsella at times.  The show was everything long time fans had been waiting for.  So much nostalgia and so many emotions made for the perfect show.

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