Photos: Taylor Berrett and Alex Clare at House of Blues (San Diego, CA)

Taylor Berrett (Sterling, VA) and Alex Clare (London)
December 2nd, 2014
House of Blues in San Diego, CA

The Three Hearts Tour made its way to San Diego last Tuesday night bringing along singer/songwriter Taylor Berrett as his opening act.  Berrett likes to keeps it plain and simple: Just a man and a guitar.  With his Energetic guitar playing, good looks, pleasing vocals and enthusiastic stage presence, Berrett is on the path be one of music’s next lady killers.  And even though he indirectly admitted to having a cold, you never would have guessed due to the quality of his vocals. It was for sure a pleasant start to the evening.  Alex Clare then took the stage with his band raised on platforms towards the back of the stage.  As soon as Clare opened his mouth, it was off to the races.  There is no question about it, Alex Clare can sing.  If you find yourself at one of his shows, don’t expect too much jumping and movement from the crowd, expect one of the best sounding concerts on the road today.  With the combination of Clare’s magnificent vocal and unique mix of genres, you’re in for some quality music.  Clare mixes his soulful voice with funky rhythms and new wave dubstep sounds to create an experience not heard anywhere else with songs like “Treading Water.” Clare then really showed off his musical variety by the covering “Damn Your Eyes” originally sung by the great Etta James.  We all could have guessed that Clare would finish off the show with his smash hit, “Too Close.”  But what he did right before that made not only me but the entire crowd erupt into cheers.  He kindly asked that everyone leave their phones in their pockets and live in the moment.  Being in the back, it was and odd but great sight to see the stage without everyone’s phones up in the air.  Hopefully this trend can carry on to other artist and not just the last song.  Well done Mr. Clare, well done.

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