Photos + Video: Copeland at The Social (Orlando, FL)

Copeland (Lakeland, FL)
November 23rd, 2014
The Social in Orlando, FL

When Copeland announced they were getting back together on April 1st I was as skeptical as I was emotional (very).  But as it turns out it wasn’t some April Fool’s joke, Copeland reuniting is a beautiful reality.  Shortly after announcing they would be joining Anberlin on their Final Tour for the St. Petersburg date the band announced a record release show not too far off in Orlando at The Social.  I booked a flight from Los Angeles to Orlando that same day.  Coming from a person who followed Copeland’s farewell tour, I sure wasn’t going to miss their reunion shows.   I arrived in Orlando around 5 AM the day of the show, terribly jet lagged but incredibly stoked.

When it finally got closer to show time, I made my way to downtown Orlando which is way nice by the way.  Excellent night life.  I got there over an hour before door time and the line was already wrapped around the building.  Eventually doors opened and everyone rushed in.  The support act was a fellow Lakeland band called Nora’s Breakfast Club, a band Aaron Marsh admired in his early days he later explained.  He also mentioned that if fans thought that Lakeland being known for melancholic music was their doing that we were mistaken, as Nora’s Breakfast Club were responsible for that too.  They played a great, albeit short set and left the crowd ready for Copeland.

When Copeland hit the stage the crowd was already wading in nostalgia and anticipation.  Copeland began their set with “I Can Make You Feel Young Again” off of the gem that is Ixora.  The band smiled as almost the entire room already knew the words.  I thought I was handling the situation well until they went into “Chin Up” and I got a lump in my throat.  I couldn’t help it.  I wasn’t hysterical or anything but I was just so happy that I was hearing these songs live again with a room full of people who love Copeland just as much if not more than I do.  They played “The Grey Man” off of You Are My Sunshine before getting to another song off of Ixora.  Except for a few annoying song requests the audience was pleasant and attentive as we hung onto every word and note the guys played.  They sounded incredible and except for having to reconfigure how the piano’s sound was being amplified the show went off without any hitches.  Drummer John Bucklew killed it on drums, guitarist Stephen Laurenson slayed on guitar, Bryan Laurenson did awesome work on his guitar too and he just looked so happy to be alive, and Aaron Marsh’s voice keeps getting better and better.  It wasn’t too long until they were back on stage for an encore.   Aaron Marsh was front and center and began playing “Love Affair” on electric guitar.  I thought I’d never hear that song again, it was the best.  Eventually the rest of the guys joined him on stage and they played “You Have My Attention” to the tune of everyone in the entire room.  It was one of the best live shows I’ve ever been to.

It was incredibly nice to see that fans haven’t forgotten about Copeland even though it has been around 4 years since their farewell tour.  To put things into perspective, Aaron Marsh mentioned that the last time they were a band the ‘selfie’ wasn’t even a thing yet.  Copeland will be jumping on a few of Motion City Soundtrack’s 10 year anniversary shows for Commit This To Memory and headlining Florida’s For The Love Music Festival early next year.  But other than that the band has no plans to extensively tour Ixora.  I was speaking with Aaron Marsh and he mentioned that though there aren’t any full tour plans the band wouldn’t mind doing a few shows here and there -even on the west coast.  Good enough for me!


I Can Make You Feel Young Again
Chin Up
The Grey Man
The Day I Lost My Voice
Eat, Sleep, Repeat
I’m A Sucker For A Kind Word
Love Affair
You Have My Attention

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