Photos + Review: Alt-J at SOMA (San Diego, CA)

Alt-J (Leeds)
October 24th, 2014
SOMA in San Diego, CA

Alt-J is an odd band but an odd band with one of the most unique sounds today. Alt-J came to the stage with the lights out and built up the feeling in the room with intense bass-like sounds coming out of every speaker.  Then it all stopped and frontman Joe Newman began to sing. The crowd erupted as soon as Newman’s voice filled the air. A voice like non-other: high pitched, raspy, soulful all at the same time.  I thought that his voice must have been toyed with during recording but I was dead wrong.  Newman’s voice sounds just as good in concert if not better than, on either of their two albums.  Instrumentally, Alt-J has created a sound so unique, it’s extremely difficult to pin them down to a genre or even relate them to other artists.  The band’s musical brilliance was shown very early in the set with the song “Fitzpleasure,” that displays not only Newman’s vocal range, but also the bands musical range. The song’s tempo changes dramatically throughout it causing the crowd to also be all over the place.  The show’s lighting also complimented the music with most of the light coming from behind them. At times, all you could see was the silhouette’s of the band members creating a faceless effect. This makes some sense, being that you rarely see the band featured in any of their music videos.  I personally had no idea what the band looked like until recently.  All in all, going to an Alt-J concert may not be the most hyped-up; jumping around sort of show, but you will definitely leave the venue with pleased ears wanting more.  Check here to see if they will be in a town near you but hurry! Tickets for the tour are going fast.


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