Concert Review: Beach Fossils at Baby’s All Right (Brooklyn, NY)

Beach Fossils (New York, NY), Heavenly Beat (New York, NY), and Axxa/Abraxas (Atlanta, GA)
September 26th, 2014
Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, New York.

Beach Fossils, a band originally out of Brooklyn, New York came back home to Baby’s All Right on September 26th for the first of their two New York shows on their current tour.  Dustin Peyseur who wrote and recorded their first self-titled album fronts the band. Heavenly Beat, a solo project by former bassist of Beach Fossils, John Peña opened for Beach Fossils.  Peña was later brought up on stage during Beach Fossils’s set where he was wished Happy Birthday and kissed by the members.  Their sound started as a lighter and upbeat dreamy sound, heard in Beach Fossils and their EP, What a Pleasure.  Their second album Clash the Truth witnessed their transition into the slightly more edgy, moody sound they have today. The change is most notable in the drumming by Tommy Gardner, which is much more intricate and pronounced than in their previous material.  Despite the shift, their music has remained at large consistent.

They kicked off the show with the first song on their latest album with Payseur jumping into the crowd.  The crowd immediately swarmed around Payseur, lifting him up while they chanted, “Drink, Rebel. Trust, Youth. Free, Life. Clash, Truth.”  As the show progressed the crowd got even more rowdy.  The mosh pit was in a constant state of motion, and some girls were sitting and dancing on the stage with the band.

As for Beach Fossils’s performance, they couldn’t have done much better.  They organized their set list just right, playing a few up-tempo dancing songs at intervals with their slower, more ambient songs.  The atmosphere quickened and calmed with the music.  The band was very natural on stage, attuned to each other flawlessly.  They all were good about interacting with the crowd as well, keeping up a joke about how great this, their first show playing in New York together was going.

The band is continuing their tour with Heavenly Beats and Axxa/Abraxas through Ohio and Illinois before heading off to the West Coast. The latest Beach Fossils release was a collaboration EP with Beach Fossils, Wild Nothing, and Hologram, put out in March, but no word of a new album has come from their label, Captured Tracks.

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