Photos: Radkey, Touché Amoré, and Rise Against at RIMAC Arena (San Diego, CA)

Radkey (St. Joseph, MO), Touché Amoré (Los Angeles, CA), and Rise Against (Chicago, IL)
September 18th, 2014
RIMAC Arena in San Diego, CA

The show kicked off in San Diego with the punk-trio group known as Radkey who got the ball rolling with a burst of energy in the very first song. The band is made up of three teenage brothers, Dee (19), Isaiah (17) and Solomon (14) and with their slightly modern, garage punk sound; they proved to the crowd that showed up early enough that they knew how to rock.

Up next was Touche Amore, a post-hardcore band lead by front man Jeremy Bolm. Bolm had the spotlight all to himself that night. Photographing him was somewhat of a challenge due to the fact that he would just not sit still. Bolm was running all over the stage non-stop, throwing his body in any direction that he could, while also screaming his lungs out. I’m not sure how he still has vocal cords, but I’m sure glad he still does.

Then to the stage was Rise Against. Before a song was even played the crowd erupted into a frenzy. And once the music started, all hell broke loose. They kicked off the show with the older hit, “Ready to Fall,” and the mosh pit was already underway and it didn’t stop till the very last song. By the second song, lead singer Tim Mcllrath was up against his side of the railing greeting fans crowd surfing their way to front. The energy and passion was evident throughout the entire show and Tim even stated that’s why they always come back to San Diego.

On a side note, Tim paused the show for a moment to talk about a small venue on the UCSD campus known as the Che Café. The Che is a historic landmark for punk and rock history. He told of when the band played there for the first time over 15 years ago. Other bands and artists that have started out at the Che Café are Green Day, Billy Corgan, Jimmy Eats World, Bon Iver, and Nirvana. In simple terms, the campus has now cut funds to support the venue and there is a possibility that the Che will be exterminated. If you would like to learn how you can help out in saving an essential part of San Diego’s music scene please check out their website, here.

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