Photos + Review: Burger Revue at The Observatory (Santa Ana, CA)

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Burger Revue 2014
Thee Oh Sees (San Francisco, CA), King Khan and The Shrines (Canada), Mystic Braves (Los Angeles, CA), Nick Waterhouse (California), Summer Twins (Riverside, CA), Ronnie Spector (NYC)
July 1st, 2014
The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA

To quote John Dwyer, frontman of the headlining band Thee Oh Sees, Burger Revue was, “a terrible pleasure.”  There was stage diving, moshing, and stripping among other concert shenanigans that make parents nervous.  However, stage divers were met by a supportive crowd who never let anyone stay down if they fell while moshing.  As for the stripping, King Khan was really the only one who made a show of it.

Thee Oh Sees put on a fantastic headlining performance despite playing without their full band. All they needed was a guitar, a bass, a drum set, and a rowdy crowd to end the night with a bang. The only way to accurately describe their set is to say that it was loud, as they played their instruments into their amplifiers to get deafening feedback undertones in their songs.  The mosh pit erupted the second they began to play, and though some abandoned the floor after being crushed, hit, and kicked, the pit didn’t die down until after the band had exited the stage. Fletcher Shears, drummer of The Garden made an appearance in the pit towards the beginning of Thee Oh Sees’s set reminding us all that we were indeed at a Burger event.

King Khan and his band The Shrines have their stage presence down to a science.  The band was a hair flipping-stage diving adrenaline machine, while King Khan looked like an idol in his feather headdress.  He interacted with the crowd like he had known them for years and could say anything comfortably, regardless of how vulgar. He took great pleasure in guiding the crowd, having the pit neal and explode all at once into a fit of riotous dancing.

If you thought that Burger Records only caters to a post-punk audience think again. The audience at Burger Revue, though largely adolescents with green hair, was also comprised of easy going bohemians who came for Mystic Braves.  As well as middle aged adults in polos who turned out to see acts such as Ronnie Spector of the Ronettes and Nick Waterhouse.  Mystic Braves were there to represent the Beach Goth genre, a style of music not unlike sixties surf rock that originated within Burger Records itself. The band’s long hair matches their laid back reverb happy sound. Mystic Braves’s full grooving sound captivated the audience, who immediately fell into rhythm with the band and actually watched them as opposed to swarming about haphazardly.

When it came to doo-wop revival, Summer Twins and Ronnie Spector were there.  Summer Twins was the first headline band and set the stage for the rest of the night, getting the audience in step with their sweet sound. Despite noticeable fatigue during her set, Spector pulled off a great show.  Her voice keeping a major presence in the hall.  She later received shoutouts by both King Khan and John Dwyer of Thee Oh Sees.

Nick Waterhouse’s archaic big band swing style was a huge success among all of the attendees. Proof of this was in the pit, an area where mosh pits are nearly inevitable.  Yet when Nick Waterhouse and his band stepped on stage the floor immediately broke out into a swing dancing roister.

Overall, Burger Revue catered to a wide range of music lovers -some who drove hours to get to the Observatory.  Another concert series well planned by Burger Records and well received by the fans.


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