Photos: Jungle at Union Transfer (Philadelphia, PA)

Beat Connection (Seattle, WA) and Jungle (London, UK)
June 19th, 2014
Union Transfer in Philadelphia, PA

Jungle has been called the “UK’s most mysterious act” by NME. Despite what one might assume by looking at the band’s promo photos and music videos, J and T, the mysterious duo behind Jungle, are actually fairly unassuming British guys. With their faces hidden behind giant pop shields, Jungle put on a fantastic show for their Philly fans. Think of their music as a mix between Broken Bells and Earth Wind and Fire. Or maybe Daft Punk meets the 80s. Whatever it is, Jungle is awesome. The Philly show was the conclusion of Jungle’s US tour, but if you live in Europe, definitely go see them if they play near you. Tour dates are here



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