Photos: Balance & Composure at the House of Blues (San Diego, CA)


Kevin Devine and The Goddamn Band (Brooklyn, NY), Balance and Composure (Doylestown, PA), and Manchester Orchestra (Atlanta, GA)
May 6th, 2014
House of Blues in San Diego, CA

Manchester Orchestra’s COPE tour is underway and recently stopped by the House of Blues in San Diego.  They brought along bestie Kevin Devine and The Goddamn Band as well as Balance and Composure for an incredible show.  Kevin Devine and The Goddamn Band started the night off fast and loud.  They played a lot of newer material off of Bulldozer and it sounded incredible live.  He also threw it back playing older favorites “Cotton Crush” and “I Could Be With Anyone.” Of course, you can’t miss his signature hop.  There were only a few obvious KD fans in the crowd but by the end there were plenty of new ones.

Balance and Composure is a band I never get tired of seeing.  If you have yet to see them live I urge you to get on that as soon as possible.  These guys are doing some excellent things.  Singer, Jon Simmons started their set like he starts every set with a simple, “bang your fucking heads” and then went straight into “Quake.” The majority of their setlist came from their latest release The Things We Think We’re Missing but they did get to “Stonehands.”  These guys blazed through their set and left everyone wishing it had been a little longer.  These guys get better and better each time I see them.  Go buy their records, go see them live, you won’t be disappointed.

Manchester Orchestra finally hit the stage with only a white sheet with the word COPE as a backdrop, a few lights, and a smoke machine.  That was all they needed. They started their set with, “Shake it Out” and got the crowd all worked up right from the beginning. From there the show only got better and the crowd only got louder. Andy Hull’s brilliant stage banter aside, the band played excellently.  Every time I catch the band I leave the venue impressed.  Plus, that Willie Nelson cover was rad. Manchester Orchestra is rad.  All of these acts are forces to be reckoned with and if you don’t believe me get out to one of their shows and see for yourself – dates for the rest of the COPE tour are here.

Balance and Composure’s Setlist
Tiny Raindrop
When I Come Undone
Back Of Your Head
Notice Me

Manchester Orchestra’s Setlist
Shake it Out
Pale Black Eye
I Can Barely Breathe
The Ocean
100 Dollars
I’ve Got Friends
Colly Strings
Everything to Nothing
The River
The Party’s Over (Willie Nelson Cover)
42 (Bad Books cover)
Tired of Sex
Every Stone (Request)
The Only One

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