Photos: Wild Beasts at The Troubadour (Los Angeles, CA)

Avid Dancer (Anchorage, AK) and Wild Beasts (Kendal, England)
March 6th, 2014
The Troubadour in Los Angeles, CA

Wild Beasts have hit Los Angeles again in support of their brand new album Present Tense (that you totally need to go on in life). They played a sold-out show at The Troubadour with Avid Dancer on Thursday night.  The night started off with Avid Dancer who is really one Jacob Summers.  He played a short solo acoustic set that ended just as swiftly as it began. The Troubadour quite nicely suited Summers’ voice and had the crowd at full attention throughout hit set.  If his acoustic set was hypnotizing then his full band shows must be amazing. I’m making sure to keep tabs on his tour schedule, I’d advise you do the same. 

After what seemed like a long wait, Wild Beasts hit the stage.  The band was all smiles and the crowd was ready to go from the moment they stepped into The Troubadour.  They started their set with “Reach A Bit Further” and went straight into new songs “Mecca” and “Sweet Spot.” They also got to songs off Two Dancers and Smother like “Hooting & Howling,” “All The Kings Men,” and of course “Bed of Nails” and the beautiful “Albatross.” One of the best parts of the show was getting to hear “The Devil’s Crayon.” It was a song I didn’t expect to hear but absolutely loved it.  My favorite part of the show by far was when the band played “A Simple Beautiful Truth.” I was completely mesmerized by the delivery of Hayden Thorpe’s vocals.  Tom Fleming also did incredible on “Daughters.”  It was interesting to see the dynamic of the band now that they don’t have pal Katie Harkin on keys but Ben Little, socks and all did great.  Of course, Chris Talbot rounding out their sound, steady as always is a given. Going to a Wild Beasts show is never a bad idea.  You will always meet new awesome people and always have a great time.  Hopefully we won’t have to wait as long to see these guys again.  The rest of their tour dates can be seen here.

In short: the show was fucking dope and I never wanted it to end.

Reach a Bit Further
Sweet Spot
The Devil’s Crayon
Pregnant Pause
A Simple Beautiful Truth
Hooting & Howling
This Is Our Lot
Loop the Loop
Bed of Nails
A Dog’s Life
All the King’s Men
Lion’s Share

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  • This show was too good. So amazing that 1 week later I’m dealing with post concert depression, haha. It was legitimately that moving. Here’s hoping they come back to LA on this tour. Thanks for the awesome pics!

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