Photos: Anberlin at The Fonda (Hollywood, CA)

From Indian Lakes (Yosemite Valley, CA), Lydia (Gilbert, AZ), Anberlin (FL), and The Maine (Tempe, AZ)
December 11th, 2013
The Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, CA

A while back Anberlin and The Maine went on a co-headlining tour together and had to cancel their Los Angeles date due to scheduling conflicts.  They made arrangements for the show to take place on the 11th at The Fonda Theatre.  They had From Indian Lakes and Lydia along as support.

A friend of mine had told me about From Indian Lakes a while back and I never bothered to look them up but I wish I had.  They sounded really good live and their show overall was very fun to watch.  Lydia is a band I’ve loved since I saw them open up for Copeland years ago.  I was so excited to get to see them again since I missed their show at The Constellation room back in April.  They played tracks off of their newest record Devil. But they also threw in some older songs like “This is Twice Now.” I was stoked the entire time and I wasn’t the only one who felt this way. They had a group of fans wearing the read face mask from their record right in the front row and even had fans who made their way all the way from Arizona.  Anberlin hit the stage running as always.  These guys constantly put on the greatest shows.  If I could see an Anberlin show every day I definitely would. I loved the variety of their setlist and how it ranged from older to newer material.  The crowd was active throughout the entire set and even got a circle pit going at one point. There were very few people not singing.  I’m guessing they were the some of the folks saving their energy for The Maine. The Maine always has something awesome to look at on stage.  This time it was a monogram that lit up the entire stage, it was so cool.  They put on an incredible show with tons of energy.  My favorite part of their set was when they whole band gathered around the drum kit to play “Misery.” 

I’m stoked to see what all of these bands will do in the new year and hope to see these acts live again.  If you’ve never seen either of these acts do yourself a favor and get yourself out to a show.  You won’t be disappointed.  In the mean time you can get acquainted with The Maine’s newest EP Imaginary Numbers, Anberlin’s new record Devotion, Lydia’s latest release Devil, and From Indian Lakes last record Able Bodies.

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