Photos + Review: Kate Nash at The Fonda (Hollywood, CA)

The Aquadolls (Seal Beach, CA), Emmy the Great (London/Amasia), and Kate Nash (London)
November 23rd, 2013
The Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, CA

The Fonda Theatre was the place to be last Saturday as Kate Nash and her fabulous girl gang brought along Skating Polly, The Aquadolls, and Emmy the Great to Hollywood. Due to long lines and slow check-ins I missed Skating Polly.  I got in just as The Aquadolls were taking the stage.  If there is one thing this band has it’s presence.  They had the complete attention of everyone in the venue and knew exactly what to do with it.  They played a blend of 50’s doo-wop and punk it was super awesome.

I was just as excited to see Emmy the Great as I was to see Kate Nash.  I have been enamored with her music since the release of First Love back in 2009.  I was totally convinced that I would have to fly to London if I ever wanted to see her play.  So after learning that she had relocated to Los Angeles and was going to be supporting this tour I was over the moon. Her performance however, made me glad I never made the trip.  She sounded great but her setlist and stage presence left me completely disappointed. Her set was the slowest of the night. I’m not sure why she opted for playing newer-slower songs over songs like “Sylvia” or “War” but the crowd received them warmly either way.  She just kind of stood there and only played her guitar on a couple of songs.  I’m really hoping she’ll play another show soon where she gets to older songs on her catalog.  I would definitely love to give Emmy the Great’s show another go.

Everything you’ve heard about a Kate Nash show is true. You can be sure that you’ll leave the venue with memories of one of the best shows you’ve ever seen.  You can be sure that you’ll leave her show completely inspired.  You can also be sure that you’ll regret not going to every single show within your area and you’ll be incredibly happy if you did.  Kate Nash hit the stage wearing an awesome red dress and sang “Lullaby For An Insomniac” before 4 vintage television sets that played an awesome montage reel of tour footage.  After finishing her song she let some more footage play while she changed and came back out in full force, Girl Gang and all.  She played an incredible set worth of 13 songs and 2 encores that included a sweet cover of “Bitch” by Meredith Brooks.  She even had time to give an inspiring speech about women in the industry and in general.  I loved her bit about how we shouldn’t worry about trying to be perfect all the time and that most of the time we’re most beautiful when we’re at our “ugliest.”  I think that goes for anyone.  You’re always at your best and most beautiful when you’re being real.  Her performance was so great.  Her having time to crowd surf while playing bass and launch her entire Girl Band (who played killer) one at a time was just as awesome.  I felt completely refreshed after seeing Kate  Nash live.  It was a fucking honor to catch this show and I highly recommend you see her live if you get the chance.  Dates are here.


Lullaby For An Insomniac
Death Proof
Kiss That Grrrl
Pumpkin Soup
Grrrl Gang *FIDLAR cover of Cocaine*
Bitch (Meredith Brooks cover)
Merry Happy

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