Photos: Albert Hammond Jr. at El Rey Theatre (Los Angeles, CA)

Albert Hammond Jr (New York City, New York)
November 20th, 2013
El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, CA

Albert Hammond Jr, the Strokes-siest Stroke hit The El Rey Theatre in support of his latest release AHJ.  A fairly rare rainy Los Angeles night was the perfect setting for the packed show. Albert Hammond Jr. made sure to play a few songs from each one of his releases so even if you haven’t exactly learned the songs off of AHJ yet (ahem…) you could still belt it out with him. I wanted to hear “GfC” and “In Transit” the most and I got both of them so I was a happy camper.  I’m not sure how our contest winner’s night turned out but I hope it went swell!  Can Albert Hammond Jr. just come back already? I’m ready for another show. (#postshowdepression)

1. Holiday
2. Scared
3. Cooker Ship
4. GfC
5. Victory At Monterey
6. Carnal Cruise
7. Hard To Live In The City
8. Everyone Gets A Star
9. St. Justice
10. In Transit
11. 101
12. Strange Things
13. In My Room
14. Lisa
15. Postal Blowfish
16. Rude Customer
17. Last Caress

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