Concert Review + Photos: AFI at the House of Blues (San Diego, CA)

Touché Amoré (Los Angeles, CA) and AFI (Ukiah, CA)
October 23rd, 2013
House of Blues in San Diego, CA

AFI graced a sold out crowd to their presence last Wednesday at the San Diego House of Blues.  They brought along two local Los Angeles bands: Coming and Touché Amoré.  I arrived just as Touché Amoré began to play.  Unfortunately for me that is just about the time my camera decided to malfunction.  I got it to semi-work almost at the end of their set.  I didn’t get to capture much but I wish I could have. Touché Amoré consistently plays great and this night was no exception.  They were the perfect opener.

Right before AFI hit the stage the crowd began the famous “through our bleeding, we are one” chant.  The band began their 18 song set with “The Leaving Song Pt. II” and went straight into “Girls Not Grey.” Right after they played “I Hope You Suffer” off of their latest release Burials. The crowd went nuts and stayed that way the entire night as everyone watched AFI put on a beautiful performance.  Especially mid-way through the show when Havok called up a fan to the stage who began telling the crowd how much he loved the band and how much AFI had helped him through tough times.  Then he proceeded to propose to his girlfriend who immediately accepted.  It was endearing. The rest of AFI’s set consisted of fan favorites like “Kill Caustic” and “Days Of The Phoenix” among others. Havok even ended up jumping into the crowd a second time for the awesome “God Called In Sick Today.” Their encore began with a great cover of The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven” and ended with the whole venue singing along to “Silver and Cold.”

This show was by far my favorite show of 2013 and I figured that it would be – an AFI show is always a good idea.  Though it is a bit of a struggle actually getting to attend one.  For starters tickets to their shows sell out almost immediately.  The band scheduled three shows in the Southern California area and all three sold out within minutes.  I spoke to many folks who purchased their tickets from secondary ticketing sites and they payed a pretty penny to attend.  All worth it, I was told.  Secondly, everyone knows that singer Davey Havok will jump into the crowd at least once during the performance.  So how can you guarantee prime real estate on the floor for interaction or at the very least an unobstructed view?  Well, the person who was front and center at this show said she had been waiting outside the venue since 8 AM.  Doors didn’t open until 7 PM. RESPECT. The point is AFI’s fans are a very passionate bunch and with total due right.  Their shows induce many emotions but also because it’s an absolute honor to view a band that is so great live. You just can’t help but feel things. Getting to photograph the band for me was another thing entirely.  I’ll be forever stoked.

Get yourself out to this tour! Dates are here.


Leaving Song Pt. II
Girls Not Grey
I Hope You Suffer
A Single Second
Love Like Winter
Ever And A Day
17 Crimes
File 13
Leaving Song Pt. I
The Conductor
Kill Caustic
Beautiful Thieves
Miss Murder
Days Of The Phoenix
God Called In Sick Today
Just Like Heaven (The Cure cover)
Dancing Through Sunday
Silver And Cold

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