Photos: Man Man at The Fonda Theatre (Hollywood, CA)

Man Man (Philadelphia, PA)
September 29, 2013
The Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, CA

It’s been a while since I last saw Man Man but they are just as great as I remember.  They hit The Fonda Theatre in Hollywood in support of their newest release On Oni Pond.  I saw many a Man Man fan sporting the famous war paint but the band seems to have ditched that look.  Goodbye to the white shorts, hello to the red shorts! Frontman Honus Honus has undergone a wardrobe change folks. He’s got an alien mask, a sport coat, a fur coat, and a tunic with a pattern of Wolf Blitzer’s face –not kidding. Incidentally, I wonder what he did with that awesome sequin dress he used to wear…I have some shoes that would go excellent with it.  But now is probably not the time to discuss that, I’m sorry.  Anyway, the band played a lot of their newer material but made sure to add in older songs like “Hurly/Burly,” “Mister Jung Stuffed” and the oh-so-awesome “Life Fantastic” among others.  Man Man played an impressive 22 songs in total and the crowd never lost an ounce of energy throughout the entire night.  The only time the crowd stayed slightly calm was during the first song of the encore where Honus Honus came out with a ukulele and played “Deep Cover.”  But other than that  the crowd was on fire  especially during the Honus Honus and drummer Pow Pow jump-off during “Push The Eagle’s Stomach” and the confetti cannon during “Haute Tropique.” Man Man is perfect. Never forget that. Also, never forget that a Man Man show is always a good time. Check out the dates are here.


Oni Swan
Pink Wonton
Loot My Body
Piranhas Club
Mister Jung Stuffed
Paul’s Grotesque
Haute Tropique
Head On
King Shiv
Push The Eagle’s Stomach
Doo Right
Hot Bat
Born Tight
Deep Cover
End Boss
Against The Peruvian Monster
Life Fantastic
Rabbit Habits
Young Einstein On The Beach

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