Photos: Touché Amoré and Balance & Composure at Los Globos (Los Angeles)

Touché Amoré (Los Angeles, CA), Balance and Composure (Doylestown, PA), and Vow (Los Angeles, CA)
September 25, 2013
Los Globos in Los Angeles, CA

The 25th of September was a day many folks were desperately waiting for.  Touché Amoré’s dual record release show with Balance and Composure was set to take place at Club Los Globos in Los Angeles.  They had Vow start the night off and interestingly enough the show was their first live performance. After what seemed like some first time jitters the band finished strong. As soon as Balance and Composure started their set the crowd went wild and stayed that way.  The band is fantastic live and the mix of their new songs with the older ones made for an incredible set.  Finally Touché Amoré hit the stage and all hell broke loose. Due to the short length of their songs the band played 21 songs almost continuously.  The crowd’s energy only got stronger as the night went on.  Simply put: you’ve never seen a show until you’ve seen a Touché Amoré show in Los Angeles.  There is nothing like it.  It is pure awesome.  Both Touché Amoré and Balance and Composure convince me time and time again that they are two of the best bands out there right now.  Go see them live and I’m positive they’ll convince you too. Also, do yourself a favor and pick up Touché Amoré’s Is Survived By and Balance and Composure’s The Things We Think We’re Missing if you haven’t yet.  You need these records to go on in life.  Ah, and stay tuned to Mezzic for album reviews later this week!



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