Concert Review + Photos: Meg Myers at Mercury Lounge (New York, NY)

Meg Myers (Nashville, TN)
August 7th, 2013
Mercury Lounge in New York, NY

On August 7th 2013, I had the privilege of seeing singer-songwriter, Meg Myers make her NYC debut for her album Daughter in the Choir at Mercury Lounge.  Formerly a Jehovah’s Witness, Meg Myers left her hometown Tennessee at the age of 13 and moved to L.A., where she hoped to pursue her career as a musician. Fortunately, while living there, Meg Myers met her current producer Dr. Rosen Rosen and for three years, they have been creating music together and they recently finished her first EP, titled Daughter in the Choir.

In “Daughter in the Choir,”  Myers’ raw voice and fierce attitude is evident as she sings her most successful song, “Monsters”,  in which it depicts her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, who lacked the ability to express emotion and motivation and the feeling. She sings about being with someone, yet, feeling so alone.

However, Meg Myers is anything but alone, which was evident when she performed that thursday night. To a wildy dedicated and engrossed crowd. one of the members in the audience shrieked with enthuasium, in which Meg Myers smiled brightly and replied, ” I like that.”

A poignant scence came at the end of the concert when she expressed her appreciation and hugged Dr. Rosen Rosen, her producer, thanking him for everything and announcing that it will be the last time he will be joining Meg Myers, Celloist Ken Oak and drummer Sam Gallagher on stage. With her ambition and powerful voice, Meg Myers is definitely a musician to look out for.

Set List

I Die
Make A Shadow
After You











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