Photos: Campfire OK and Anberlin at The Roxy (West Hollywood)

Campfire OK (Seattle, WA) and Anberlin (FL)
July 1st, 2013
The Roxy in West Hollywood, CA

Anberlin recently hit the road for their acoustic tour taking along my favorite Seattle band, Campfire OK and LA locals Stars in Stereo. They stopped by the famous Roxy in West Hollywood for a sold out night of way too many feels and free beer.  Yes, that’s right free beer… well, sorta.  You had to have been lucky enough to catch the promoter by the bar and you had to let him take a picture of how much fun you were having.  I know it sounds weird but it was pretty alright.

By the time I walked into the venue the crowd was already densely packed at the stage and Campfire OK had began to play.  I was stoked to see so many folks in the crowd actually paying attention. Although it’s a bit hard to divert your attention elsewhere -this band plays incredible music and puts on a hell of a show.  You DO NOT want to sleep on Campfire OK.  If you’re so inclined you can (and should) check out some of their latest tracks here.  Also, get excited because their second album is coming very very soon.

After Campfire OK’s set is when I began lollygagging by the bar.  My attention faded in and out of Stars in Stereo’s set just from being involved in conversations but they played an incredible acoustic cover of NIN’s “Closer.”

Anberlin is brilliant live and even the most casual fan is familiar with the greatness that is an Anberlin acoustic song.  They started the set off with “Take Me (As You Found Me)” and then played other crowd favorites like “Inevitable,” “Unwinding Cable Car,” “Dismantle. Repair” and “Paperthin Hymn” among others.  The guys of Anberlin played excellently and they even had some extra help on piano from Mychal Cohen of Campfire Ok.  The Roxy is one of the smaller venues in West Hollywood but it allowed for a very intimate show.  Fans got the opportunity to ask questions and engage in banter which is slightly harder in bigger venues like the ones the band played on their last tour. Frontman Stephen Christian even took the time to thank the crowd for being so awesome, “LA gets a bad rap because you guys get like 100 shows every night but whenever we come back it’s so much better than the last and if I could cancel the rest of the tour and just keep playing Los Angeles I would.” SO MANY FEELS.

Make sure you don’t miss any of these bands if they come to a town near you – dates are here, here, and here.

Rant: I don’t know if anyone else goes through this but each time I’ve seen Anberlin live there’s this part of me that whole-heartedly expects Aaron Marsh to come out and sing on “Inevitable.” I feel like it’s completely hopeless but I can’t help it.  I am still so jealous of those in FL who got to see Aaron Marsh play his own acoustic set. I would have spent the whole in a nice balance of crying and singing my lungs out. Welp.
















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