Photos: Vans Warped Tour at Canterbury Park (Shakopee, MN)

The Vans Warped Tour
July 21st, 2013
Canterbury Park in Shakopee, MN

Full Gallery: Vans Warped Tour 2013 – Canterbury Park in Shakopee, MN

Fueled by beef jerky, single-serving boxes of chocolate cereal and water, Vans Warped Tour was a sunny, extremely fun and exhausting day of photographing what seemed like an endless array of new bands, all the way up the old guard of Warped Tour.


The Warped Tour gates opened slightly before 11am, and the line to get in was already insanely long. However, it did not take too long to get through and into the festival. Once inside the gates, we were greeted by tent after tent of band merch. First thing’s first though, grab a schedule! Yes, spending $2 on a sheet of paper is annoying, but it’s so freaking helpful and way better than constantly having to run to the giant inflatable wall schedule every half hour. There are 95+ bands, so a little planning will go a long way! The main stage also started just 15 minutes after the gates were scheduled to open, so getting their fashionably late isn’t advisable. Below you’ll find a handful of photos from the day, along with an additional gallery with many more photos!


If you did get there late, you would have missed Jason Aalon Butler of Litlive kicking the snot out of this drum on the Kia Soul Stage.


Brisbane, Australia’s The Amity Affliction were slotted into the main stage for the first time and were met by a huge crowd of support. They responded with a wild 30 minute show!


Last year, I was one of two photographers to run across Sydney, Australia’s Tonight Alive on a smaller side stage with a modest amount of people looking on. Lead singer Jenna McDougall and company still put on an energy filled, engaging show and left an impression. This year, there were a lot more photographers, a lot more people and they were on a bigger stage. Very cool to see and I wish them continued success!


Sam Carter of the UK’s Architects belting it out on the Monster Energy Stage.

Sleeping With Sirens was one of my top acts from the 2012 tour. Kellin Quinn was on fire with all of his insane leaps and raw intensity. This year, he and the band have been promoted to one of the two main stages and seem to be missing some of the fury that moved them up from the Monster Stage of last year. I still enjoyed their set, but it just felt a bit less… hungry out of the gate. It could be they are just more polished. Either way, the fans lost their minds once he took the stage and hung on every one of Quinn’s words of and every note for the next 35 minutes.

Security played catch with teens for nine hours or so, along with various items such as a blowup doll and a hand cart (Note the photo below, on the right hand side) toward the end of the day.


Stick to Your Guns took to the air during their performance on the Domo Stage.

Dan Marsala of Story of the Year leaped off stage and gave the crowd some face time during a song early into their set. These guys have been going for ten years and were on the Monster Stage.

Local gem Motion City Soundtrack came back to town and played with new drummer Claudio Rivera, and announced that they will be back on August 10th to headline the FREE 20th Annual Pizza Lucé Block Party in Downtown Minneapolis.

Warped-40Getting up close and personal with Elliott Gruenberg of Blessthefall

This job is a dangerous job.


Christofer Drew of Never Shout Never brought the cheers and screams of excitement simply by wielding a ukulele.

New Years Day was pounding the pavement early with a sign with their time on it and CDs in hand for sale, then put on a great show at the Tilly Stage, and I ran into them later making the rounds with a giant mouse.


If I said I loved Reel Big Fish, I’d be telling the truth. My brother got me into them (along with The Mighty Might Bosstones, No Doubt and Save Ferris) back in the day when Warped was just starting and Turn The Radio Off was new. Admittedly, they were the one band of the day that I sang every word to the songs we shot. After hours of angry-sounding music, it was a much-needed break for fun, and a horn section to boot.


Jake Pitts is just one part of the very entertaining and engaging Black Veil Brides out of Hollywood, CA.

Warped-63 Itch performed near the end of the day on the Spotify Stage. He was joined on stage by Minnesota native Alejandro (pictured below) to add the R & B hooks and additional vocals into the songs, plus a bit of extra drumming for good measure.

Just the sight of Oliver Sykes, lead singer of Bring Me The Horizon brought riotous screams and even tears of joy (seriously) to some in the somehow re-energized masses.


August Burns Red was last but not least on the Kia main stage.


With light becoming scarce, it became evident that the teens outlasted the Sun’s energy for the day. With over 100 musical acts, performers, vendors and of course the Reverse Day Care tent, Vans Warped Tour was amazing and well worth the exhaustion. The precision timing of each and every stage, along with the wizards at the sound boards making sure that each band sounded great is really something to think about. If you’ve never been to one of these events, go. If you don’t know the bands by name, go.

Were you there? Who did you enjoy the most? Leave a comment below, and check out the rest of my photos here: Full Gallery: Vans Warped Tour 2013 – Canterbury Park in Shakopee, MN


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