Photos: Alice In Chains and Chevelle at Roy Wilkins Auditorium (St Paul, MN)

Chevelle (Chicago, IL) and Alice In Chains (Seattle, WA)
July 9th, 2013
Roy Wilkins Auditorium in St Paul, MN

Full Gallery: Alice In Chains and Chevelle

First and foremost, I must praise William DuVall, lead singer and guitarist of Alice In Chains. I had not paid much attention to the new Alice In Chains line-up or activity since Layne Staley passed in 2002. I thought they were done, ending in a terrible way. If you’re in this boat too, allow me to tell you that four to five years ago was the time to get back into AIC again.


Chevelle has a special place in the KXXR 93X radio rotation ever since “The Red” hit it’s airwaves in 2002. From then on, they have spent a lot of time in town opening 93X shows. “Sleep Apnea” opened the show, and was followed by the thunderous and infectious “Hats Off to the Bull”. The lighting was dark, set under greens, blues and reds, a simple setup for their straight forward rock set. Chevelle’s complete set list can be found down below.


It’s been four years since Alice In Chains has been to Minnesota, and it seemed like some fans of the original line up are still thinking “I stay away”. A shame too, as the not sold out Roy Wilkins took in a wonderful AIC show. Now, no one is saying Layne can be replaced, however I will say that William DuVall did a good enough job to coax even some of the biggest Chains holdouts out of the cold (given a chance).


Finally seeing Jerry Cantrell live was a long time coming for me. Oddly enough, I now have longer hair than him! The noise that he creates with this guitar in songs like “We Die young” and “Dam That River” are on another level and produced a “holy _ _ _ _” out of this photog. On the other side of the stage, Michael Inez was nothing short of ridiculous on the bass. Inez joined the band after the late Mike Starr left/was kicked out of AIC following the “Dirt” tour back in 1993. While hammering away on the bass, Inez somehow finds time to spit, and spit a lot! Finding out that he played with Zakk Wylde in Black Label Society from 2001 to 2004, it all made sense!


Half way through the show, DuVall donned an acoustic guitar and there was a certain kind of excitement that swept over the room. A brilliant, goose-bump inducing rendition of “Down In A Hole” began. The open floor people on the floor moved closer, and the people up top stood up to sing. After the final notes rang out, the band was introduced and “Nutshell” began with William and Jerry in the middle of the stage, playing their guitars, close, and facing each other. Cheers rang out and quickly turned into a full-on sing-a-long.



This was a very special show for me personally, and being one of the few photogs granted permission to shoot the show, a highlight. If you’re on the fence about going to this tour, I will tell you to hop off and go to it. With two newer albums under their collective belts, Alice In Chains is in prime form again and will be for some time.


Chevelle Set List:

Sleep Apnea
Hats Off to the Bull
Same Old Trip
The Clincher
Get Some
Send the Pain Below
I Get It
The Red
Face to the Floor

Alice In Chains Set List:

Check My Brain
Them Bones
Dam That River
We Die Young
Down In A Hole
No Excuses
Man In The Box


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