Photos: Touché, Elliphant and Twin Shadow at The Fonda (Los Angeles, CA)

Touché (San Francisco, CA), Elliphant (Stockholm), and Twin Shadow (Brooklyn, NY)
June 29th, 2013
The Fonda in Los Angeles, CA

Last Saturday the fabulous Touché graced Los Angeles as support for Twin Shadow’s True Story tour.  If you’re not familiar with Touché you’ve got some homework to do.  If you’re a fan of disco-esque synthy rhythms then you’ll love this band.  By putting their own experimental twist on their tunes they breathe new life into this genre.  My favorite song of their set was definitely “I’m a Man not a Machine” followed closely by “Bad Dreams.”  Though the crowd seemed skeptical at the beginning of their set, by the second song the band had the crowd under a trance.  They are super fun to watch and even better to listen to.  You can (AND SHOULD) snag the band’s debut album over at iTunes here.   Stockholm’s own Elliphant took the stage directly after Touché and set The Fonda on fire.  The crowd seemed to love her energy packed performance.   I was a bit confused by the performance though.  At one point I’m pretty sure I saw a Jesus look-alike in sunglasses shooting lasers.  I couldn’t get a photo of it cause it was too dark but I’m almost positive it happened.  After their upbeat set Twin Shadow hit the stage to greet the sold out crowd.  Even though the majority of the show was bathed in geometric low lights it was a pretty cool sight to see  -whenever you could see.  I was hoping to hear “Slow” but it didn’t make the setlist.  We did hear a more soulful version of “Castles in the Snow” though.  Pretty sweet.  It was a very hot night in Los Angeles and despite the packed house and people sweating everywhere all over everyone it was still amazing.  The last show of the True Story tour is tonight in Las Vegas and I don’t even want to imagine how hot that show is going to be.  But regardless it will be pretty damn rad and if you’re in the area it is one you should definitely make it out to. Tickets are here.








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