Concert Review + Photos: Summerland Tour at The Myth (Maplewood, MN)

Sponge (Detroit, MI), Filter (Cleveland, Chicago, Los Angeles), Live (York, PA) and Everclear (Portland, OR)
June 23rd, 2013
The Myth Nightclub in Maplewood, MN

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When I think of the 90’s, the music and the stations that carried it are what come to mind. In the Twin Cities, 93.7 The EDGE and REV 105 were the place to go for alternative rock. Tonight though, Myth was the place, and my peers were out in full force.

As I stood in line for the all ages show, I looked around and realized at the age of 31, I may have been on the low-end of the age spectrum. Our presenter for the evening was none other than the very recognizable and still blond Art Alexakis of Everclear.


Sponge kicked the night of nostalgia off with hits like “Plowed” and “Molly (16 Candles)”, and a new song thrown in too! They have a new album, named Stop The Bleeding, which you can only get at a show for now. I probably would have picked it up, but being as there was no pit up front to shoot from, I held my ground all night. Vinnie Dombroski donned a HUGE 90’s style rope chain which only helped the mood.


Filter was up next and I was pretty jazzed for one song and one song alone: “Hey Man, Nice Shot”. However, long time frontman Richard Patrick and newish band mates which included actor and musician (obviously) Phil Buckman on bass, have a new record!  It is titled The Sun Comes Out Tonight and can be picked up on iTunes now. However, you can also take advantage of something similar to a Kickstarter campaign. Fans have several options, including a signed gold vinyl for $35. Check it out on I can tell you that the three new songs that they played in their set sounded like the old Filter songs, which is great news! If you tune into your local rock station, “What Do You Say” should be getting some plays now.


Third was a band that made up one of my first compact disc purchases: Live. Throwing Copper was an album riddled with hits, and the word “placenta”. Live is the most in-tact band of the tour, only missing maybe two original members. Sadly, one is the lead singer and lead song writer Ed Kowalczyk. In what sounds like a messy departure from the band which includes lawsuits, they brought in new lead singer Chris Shinn. Someone took it upon themselves to yell out “where is the original lead singer?!”. He was quickly hushed by the crowd that was far too excited to hear Kowalczyk’s songs like “Iris”, “Lakini’s Juice”, “All Over You”, and “Lightning Crashes”. Chris did a great job, I must say.


It was finally time for Art Alexakis to come out and play with his own band: Everclear. The set list read like a 90’s greatest hits, simply put, gems that belong in any playlist. “Santa Monica”, “Wonderful”, “I Will Buy You a New Life”, “Father of Mine”, “So Much For the Afterglow”, and a few deep cuts like “Heroin Girl” off of 1995’s Sparkle and Fade.


Although all of these bands have been cobbled together and have a current and past member list similar in length to that of a six-year old’s Christmas Wish List, all of them put on a great show, with the songs that you have loved since middle and high school.



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