Photos: Bayside and Alkaline Trio at the House of Blues (Anaheim, CA)

Off With Their Heads (Minneapolis, MN), Bayside (New York City, NY), and Alkaline Trio (Chicago, IL)
June 12th, 2013
House of Blues in Anaheim, CA

The final show of Alkaline Trio’s tour with Off With Their Heads and Bayside came to a close at one of the most magical places in CA -The Downtown Disney House of Blues.  Only this one promised to be even crazier than the one in LA just the night before.  The sold out crowd showed up early and with good reason too.  Off With Their Heads played a hell of an opening set.  I wish I would have seen them play the first night.  I feel the exact same way about Bayside.  Due to a series of very unfortunate events I showed up at the venue on their second to last song at the LA show.  I wanted to cry, seriously.  I mean this -if Bayside is ever support or better yet headlining, you owe it to yourself and the music Gods to attend this show. You will have the best fucking time.  Bayside kills it always.  Not only is the NY band consistently putting out fantastic music, they consistently put on a fantastic show. Their setlist was amazing.  We heard songs off their newest record like “Sick, Sick, Sick” and “Already Gone” but also got to hear classics like “Devotion and Desire” and “We’ll Be Okay.” Whoever wasn’t sold on Bayside before their set definitely became a believer by the end of it.  When Alkaline Trio hit the stage the already warmed up crowd was ready.  Singer Matt Skiba in awesome sunglasses hit the stage and got to playing immediately.  Simultaneously the crowd surfing began.  The show was nuts and chaotic but it was in a good way.  You could just tell everyone at the House of Blues was having an amazing time.  There were so many kind folks at this show.  It was definitely one of my favorites.  I can’t wait for either of the bands to return.
















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  • Went to the show with my wife who was three weeks away from having our second child. She is such a trouper. Who goes to a show that ready to pop? My wife, thats who! We were able to sit in the overflow area right behind the VIP seating. Not the best place to see the show but it was relaxing and we really enjoyed the night. I had not heard Bayside when we went to the first show on this tour in Costa Mesa, but quickly became a fan. They put on a great show! Alkaline Trio did it again…Awesome show! Unfortunately, when the HOB staff decided to leave the VIP section ungaurded, a few drunk morons crashed and acted like a bunch of idiots. They were obviously huge AK3 fans but really did not represent what the true fans and freinds were all about. They were getting in everyones way and fist pumping and singing in peoples faces. I still don’t know why you would put up the middle finger to the band that you love so much…but they did it….all night long. We didn’t let it bother us. We enjoyed the show. Alkaline Trio is the BEST! Great time! Thanks AK3!

    • Wow Bryan, your wife is so awesome! A real trooper indeed! You know, I never understood the middle finger salutes either. But I know what you mean, I did see a bunch throughout the night. HOB staff is usually better about those things. I’m so glad you two (technically three, right?) enjoyed the show despite the overbearing fans! AK3 has that effect on some people haha.

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