Photos: Torche and Turbonegro at the House of Blues (San Diego, CA)

Torche (Miami/Gainesville, FL and Atlanta, GA) and Turbonegro (Oslo/London)
May 24th, 2013
House of Blues in San Diego, CA

The concept of a Turbonegro show may be hard to grasp for some.  I mean you see fans that look like they applied their lipstick while driving over a speed bump, disheveled sailors, and terrible blush and eye liner work -and I’m just talking about the men here.  The thing about a Turbonegro show is that it is the best place to be.  It is the absolute best decision because you’re going to have the best god damn time. For this particular show, Torche started the night off.  If you aren’t familiar with Torche you can start off with literally any of their albums and win. They are one of the best bands around and will melt your face off. The band took the stage without a ruckus but as soon as they began playing the set the House of Blues on fire.  The crowd had a few minutes to cool down before Turbonegro hit the stage and lit the venue again. As soon as they began to play the Turbojugend approached the stage. You know, the city-reppin’-denim-vested, bearded Turbonegro diehards?  The band played a nicely curated set list of jams that included “Mister Sister,” “You Give Me Worms,” “I Got A Knife,” and “I Got Erection” among others. The crowd went nuts the entire night.  They even managed a pretty consistent pit going throughout the night.  Though the show wasn’t sold out it certainly felt like it.  Turbonegro is a band like no other and they put on a show like no other. Do yourself a favor and check out the band if they come to your neck of the woods.  Dates are here.
















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