Photos: First Fridays : Dan Deacon at The Natural History Museum (Los Angeles, CA)

First Fridays
Dan Deacon (Baltimore, MD)
April 5th, 2013
The Natural History Museum in Los Angeles, CA

The Natural History Museum in Los Angeles has a very cool program in place.  The first Friday of every month January through June they leave the museum open until 10pm and feature special lectures, and behind-the-scene tours, as well as live music. April’s First Friday featured Dan Deacon who with the help of the crowd put together a fantastic show.  He ditched the stage and set up right on the floor with the crowd gathering around his table.  He was adamant about getting every single person in the building involved.  Whether it was by coercion, peer-pressure, or just free will every single person was participating by the end of the show and it was beautiful.  A Dan Deacon show is loud, full of energy, and simply really fun.  There was a left side vs. right side dance contest, a Simon Says of sorts, a dance tunnel, and even a birthday sing off.  There is literally no show like a Dan Deacon show because a Dan Deacon show is fucking incredible. Make sure you get yourself to one when he plays your town. Dates are here.


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