Photos: Tiger Army at the House of Blues (San Diego)

Stellar Corpses (Santa Cruz, CA), Old Man Markley (San Fernando Valley, CA), Tiger Army (CA)
March 28th, 2013
House of Blues in San Diego, CA

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Tiger Army hasn’t been on the road since last October so when news spread that there would be a Spring Forward 2013 tour it was pretty exciting.  The tour consisted of only 3 dates: San Diego, Ventura, and Las Vegas and I was lucky enough to catch one.  The San Diego show had Santa Cruz’s Stellar Corpses opening and Old Man Markley as main support. Both bands did an excellent job of warming the crowd up.  They were what every band should be: talented, entertaining, and full of energy.  So when Tiger Army hit the stage and the first notes of “Prelude: Nightfall” began the crowd was ready.  To the tune of everyone in attendance ,”TIGER ARMY NEVER DIE” was shouted and the show began.   The set was composed of some of the band’s best material from their 5 albums. We heard gems like, “Cupid’s Victim” and “True Romance.”  Though we haven’t been enlightened with a new Tiger Army album since ’07, the songs are anything but old. The crowd loved every single second of their set.  There was non-stop pit action and bro hugs to go around.  Plus, it’s nice to enjoy a show with a diverse crowd.  You’ll feel anything but out of place at a Tiger Army show and that’s how it should be.  Everyone was in high spirits and so was the band. Nick 13 would toss smiles every which way during his set.  Stand-up bass player Geoff Kresge and drummer James Meza killed it and kept everything in time.  It’s a good sign when folks are just as excited to hear songs as the day they were first toured.  These guys never get old and keep getting better and better.  Tonight’s show was proof that Tiger Army is timeless.  It’s safe to say that everyone can’t wait for the band to come around again.  CA is going to have to wait but Phoenix you’re up! Dates can be seen here.  Oh, and TIGER ARMY NEVER DIE.

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