Garbage (Madison, WI) and IO ECHO (Los Angeles, CA)
April 5th, 2013
Mill City Nights in Minneapolis, MN

Full Gallery: Garbage and IO ECHO at Mill City Nights

This may come as a surprise to no one reading this, but in the 90’s, I had a huge crush on Shirley Manson. But then again, most guys and some gals would admit this as well. The sell-out crowd at Mill City Nights was waiting with bated breath, a handful of poor sight-lines  and a major case of nostalgia to welcome Garbage back to Minneapolis.

Returning to the music scene last year with the album Not Your Kind of People, it passed by local stations without much fanfare, unfortunately. This ended what was a seven-year hiatus from performing (minus a few benefit shows 2007). The new album kicks off with “Automatic Systematic Habit”, and it’s energy and hard-driving beat made it a perfect opener for the show. Manson moved across the stage with a purpose, any time she moved from the front of the stage, there was a destination, or a move to be performed. They played through several more songs including “I Think I’m Paranoid”, “Blood for Poppies”, and “Hammering In My Head” off of 1998’s Version 2.0.

If you want to get somewhere fast with a Minnesota crowd, mention ANYTHING you like or enjoy about our lovely state. Simply put, we love anything local, locally made, a local connection, or we have something locally that impresses someone  from elsewhere. With that said, Shirley told the story of how the band played their very first show ever just a few blocks away at the 7th Street Entry, which is a smaller venue attached to First Avenue. This took place around 17 years ago, and as they drove up to the venue, they saw an incredibly long line at the door. “We sold out the 7th Street Entry!”, or so they thought. Turns out, not too many people came to see them perform that night, the line was for GWAR in the First Avenue Main Room. A perfect spot to add in a sad trombone noise, right? She also took this time to thank the fans for sticking with them, even through experimental stages like the release of the song “Untouchable”. They blame that one on listening to a lot of Missy Elliott at the time and they felt like they needed a Missy Elliott song!

More alternative classics kept flowing: “#1 Crush”, “Queer” and “Special”, like a walk down a trip down memory lane, sprinkling in some solid newer material.

Later into the show, Manson shared that the band had taken the time away to set up and self-release Not Your Kind of People, and get control of the band back in their hands, not the people who only care about how many units they were selling, and nothing of the music or artists. They started this band to play music, have fun, for Vig to drink beer and meet girls, and her to drink whiskey and meet boys.

The show wrapped up with the dark, lovely “You Look So Fine”, which was a wonderful surprise as it has steadily become one of my favorites over the years.

I was so excited to shoot this show, and finally see Garbage live, truly a highlight for me. It lived up to my expectations which I had no idea it would, and I hear rumblings of a possible 2014 release! I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Garbage Set List:
Automatic Systematic Habit
I Think I’m Paranoid
Blood For Poppies
Hammering In My Head
Why Do You Love Me (2 Bar Intro)
#1 Crush
Battle In Me
Cherry Lips dn 1/2 step
As Heaven Is Wide
Trick Is To Keep Breathing
When I Grown Up (Short Intro)
Only Happy When It Rains
Beloved Freak

Push It (Long Intro)
Stupid Girl
You Look So Fine

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