Photos: Dream Tiger, Astronautalis, and WHY? at The Glass House (Pomona, CA)

Dream Tiger (Oakland, CA), Astronautalis (Seattle, WA), WHY? (Cincinnati, OH)
March 7th, 2013
The Glass House in Pomona, CA

The first time I saw WHY? was at Fun Fun Fun Fest last year and it was by total chance.  I hadn’t heard of WHY? at the time but a photographer friend I made out in Austin found me and said, “there’s a dude rapping with a cat tank on, let’s go cover that!”  Off I went and it was one of the best performances I saw at the festival.  So when I caught wind that they were going to be at The Glass House I made sure not to miss it.  As if seeing WHY? isn’t reason enough to go out to The Glasshouse they brought along Astronautalis too! The show was opened by Dream Tiger A.K.A Liz Wolf.  She does great with WHY? but this Dream Tiger takes her voice to a whole different level.  I had no idea she had such a powerful voice on her.  If you’ve yet to hear her you can check out her newest single on itunes.

I think I’ve said this before but an Astronautalis show is a guaranteed good time.  He killed it and got the crowd to snap out of the trance-like-dream-state Dream Tiger left all of us in.  He treated the Pomona crowd to a new song though he warned us it was unfinished.  It sounded great and I can only imagine the finished product is only going to get better.  He told us about how he used to play smaller clubs in the area because he could never book The Glass House.  As always the free style was super fun to watch.  This time he rapped about parental disappointment and sleep deprivation among other things.  It ended up being a father appreciation rap but it was still awesome.  So cool to see Andy come full circle and I can’t wait until he comes back to The Glass House as a headliner.  I’m sure it’ll happen.

Finally WHY? came on and the crowd was stoked.  This time singer Yoni Wolf ditched his cat tank for a striped sweater and pants that he said made his butt look big.  The setlist consisted of a lot of their older material which the crowd loved.  WHY?’s stage set up is pretty cool.  They have their drummers Josiah Wolf and Ben Sloan on either side of the stage and then Doug McDiarmid, Liz Wolf, and Sarah Jean Winters on the outer edge of the middle and Yoni front and center. So no matter where you’re looking you never miss a beat.  WHY? is a band you should definitely go out and see whenever you get the chance.  Besides the fantastic music you’ll get to hear you’ll also get a laugh or two out of it.  For example, I was dying with the joke Yoni told about the famous water he gets to drink now.  He said the packaging is the same so no one suspects anything but that it tastes way better than the water the regular consumer has access to.  He told it better, I swear it was hilarious.  WHY? is currently taking names at SXSW but right after they’ll be on the East Coast for a bit.  Don’t miss out! Tour dates are here

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