Photos: Caspian at The Echoplex (Los Angeles, CA)

Native (NW Indiana), Junius (Boston, MA), Caspian (Beverly, MA)
March 1st, 2013
The Echoplex in Los Angeles, CA

Caspian’s winter tour stopped by the Echoplex with Junius and Native.  This was the only tour date featuring both bands as support.  Native is a band that I had heard about from friends but hadn’t gotten the chance to listen to before this.  I wish I had.  They blend post-metal with those fast starts and stops you get from hardcore jams.  Very cool.  You’ll want to keep an eye on this band if you haven’t already.  I had seen Junius once when they co-headlined a tour with O’Brother.  These guys have leveled up since then.  There was so much energy in their show it was incredible.  Finally Caspian hit the stage and the crowd began to move -though only slightly.  I totally understand it’s interesting to watch how the band sets up their songs and how they go about layering their sounds.  For those unfamiliar with Caspian they music in the same realm of Explosions in the Sky and Mogwai but Caspian’s music is more on the ambient side.  The crowd spent the night swaying and/or head-banging while the band was all energy as they swung their guitars.   It’s almost as if Caspian puts you in a trance with their tunes but then shakes you awake as soon as it gets heavy.  No words are necessary their music does all the talking.  They played a lot of material off of their latest record Waking Season -a record you should definitely give a listen to. This show was proof that Caspian just keeps getting better and better and you should be there to see it! Don’t miss the rest of Caspian’s winter tour dates with Native! Dates can be seen here.



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