Photos: Anberlin at the House of Blues (West Hollywood, CA)

Anberlin (FL)
February 26, 2013
House of Blues in West Hollywood, CA

Anberlin has been a serious staple in music for me.  They were one of the bands I dived into from religiously following projects that Aaron Marsh from Copeland was involved in.  I found Anberlin’s music at a time when I felt like I really needed to hear it.  So personally, there were some serious feels attached to this show.  I think the last time I saw Anberlin live was at a Warped Tour.  I don’t even remember which one but it was years ago.  I was excited to see how the band had progressed since then.  I am proud to report that they are incredible as ever.

They started the show off with “The Resistance” and sent the crowd into a frenzy.  I think everyone knew that they were in for an audible treat.  They nicely chose some of the best songs off of their six albums. They played their entire set with the same intensity as the first moment they hit the stage.  The crowd reciprocated that energy especially when they played their older material.  Though the crowd loved songs off of their latest release Vital was well.  It was also drummer Nathan Young’s birthday so while Stephen’s keyboard was being set up the crowd took the opportunity to sing him a very Happy Birthday.  Right after, Stephen sang “Dismantle. Repair” solo.  It was beautiful.  I would have liked to see it played electric but I’m glad they even played it at all.  I had told a friend of mine on the way to the show that if they ended up playing it I’d probably cry.  For the record -I didn’t, I just happened to get something in both of my eyes. The lively crowd kept their arms in the air and their voices loud the whole night.  Even the people on the second floor made sure to move around the rowdiest ones pointed out by the band at times. It was perfect.  Singer Stephen Christian even said at one point that if he could play this show for the rest of his life he would.

There’s something about Anberlin that inspires emotion and that there is exactly what makes for a great show -emotional investment.  The great thing about Anberlin is that it isn’t one-sided and it’s obvious.  From the giant smiles they wear on their faces to the constant connection they have with their crowd -they genuinely love every minute of it.  I think the only thing they love more is when the crowd sings louder than they do and that happens a lot.  Case in point: Anberlin is one of the best bands out there and after a show like this one I will never forget it. Do yourself a favor and catch a show if you’re able -dates can be seen here.

The Resistance
Paperthin Hymn
We Owe This to Ourselves
Someone Anyone
Never Take Friendship Personal
Little Tyrants
Other Side
Dismantle. Repair
I’d Like to Die
The Unwinding Cable Car
Modern Age
Feel Good Drag

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  1. says: Ryan Getz

    Did Paper Route open that show? if so I’m surprised you didn’t mention them – they’re incredible! But yes, awesome review anyhow! Vital is my fav record of 2012.

  2. says: Tracy

    Paper Route was one of the openers and I have heard excellent things! Unfortunately LA traffic made me miss all of the openers. I’m hoping they stop by again soon!

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