Photos: Tomahawk at The Mayan Theatre (Los Angeles, CA)

Retox (CA), Tomahawk (CA)
February 19, 2013
The Mayan Theatre in Los Angeles, CA

Fresh off of the Faith No More reunion last year Mike Patton decided to gift us again with Tomahawk.  They played a wet and cold Tuesday night at The Mayan Theatre and brought along Retox with them.

Retox is killer. Their set is almost like watching an action movie because you never really know what frontman Justin Pearson is going to do next.  Whether it’s jumping into the crowd, onto the bass drum, or even doing some yoga like postures on stage Retox is super entertaining to watch.  Their music is adrenaline for your ears.  Short bursts of aggressive but captivating music that left the crowd wanting more.  They even threw in their own take of The Cure’s “Fascination Street.”  Way cool.  At the end of their set Pearson jumped off of the stage and walked directly out of the venue without saying a word.  Coolest exit ever by the way.  He left the crowd in so much awe that a guy standing in front of me turned around with this super sad/confused look on his face while clapping and asked, “is he coming back?” I just laughed and answered, “I don’t think so.” So if you didn’t get your fill or are curious you can see Retox at Pehrspace on March 4th -show info can be found here.

As soon as the Tomahawk Chop began to play, folks started to get antsy.   It seemed Tomahawk’s stage hand was having trouble getting the mic to work.  So they had the Tomahawk Chop playing for longer than they intended to, a straight and steady 30 minutes.   At first it was really cool -I felt like I could have climbed a mountain after the show or something.  But after about 10 minutes it started to wear on my nerves and apparently everyone else’s too.  The crowd had waited since 2003 to see Tomahawk and they just weren’t willing to wait any longer. When Tomahawk finally  hit the stage Mike Patton greeted the crowd by saying, “here’s a new song” and played the loop again and even he grimaced.  Finally they got the show on the road and kicked the night off with “God Hates A Coward.”     The 19 song set spanned their entire discography and they even threw in a George Jones and a Bad Brains cover!  The crowd was jittery with excitement the whole night and never missed a beat. Tomahawk is a force to be reckoned with on and off stage and don’t you ever forget it! Don’t let another 10 years go by without seeing Tomahawk -dates can be seen here.

God Hates A Coward
101 North
Stone Letter
Rape This Day
Baby Let’s Play
Captain Midnight
White Hats / Black Hats
Point And Click
Just One More (George Jones cover)
Pay To Cum (Bad Brains cover)

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