Photos: Every Time I Die at The Glass House (Pomona, CA)

No Bragging Rights (Riverside, CA), Hundredth (Myrtle Beach, SC), Vanna (Boston, MA), The Acacia Strain (Western, MA/CT), Every Time I Die (Buffalo,  NY)
February 16, 2013
The Glass House in Pomona, CA

An Every Time I Die show is a guaranteed good time and their show at The Glass House was no exception. I unfortunately didn’t make it to the venue in time to catch No Bragging Rights (damn traffic) but from what I heard they opened up the show quite nicely.  By the time I walked into the venue Hundredth was about to take the stage.

I wasn’t familiar with Hundredth prior to this show but after their performance I really wish I had been.  Hundredth is on the melodic side of the hardcore spectrum but they are a very refreshing band.  It’s nice to see a band with a positive message.  There is more to life than wallowing in self-pity.  We need to wake up and start paying attention to what is going on in the world around us. These guys left me in awe. Frontman Chadwick Johnson is a tornado on stage.  So much energy.  He worked himself up so much that he ended up throwing the mic up and got it stuck in one of the rafters of the venue.  The crowd enjoyed every second of it.  We could all benefit from having some Hundredth music in our lives.  Tip of the hat to the Hundredth guys and I hope to see them play CA again soon.

Vanna took the stage next and was only still for about 30 seconds. After that chaos began. These guys are pure energy and they really got the mosh pit to a nice start.  Also, cheers to the guy doing jumping jacks in the middle of the pit -not sure if you were stretching (smart) or you just enjoy jumping jacks.  Either way I got a good laugh out of it.

The Acacia Strain is a beast of a band.  They started taking names from the moment their feet touched the stage.  They greeted the photo pit and the first few rows of the crowd by splashing us with water.  I would have been angry but frankly, I was impressed/intimidated and my camera is weather proof so. As soon as they began playing the crowd went crazy. The pit doubled in size and the crowd surfing began.  Vocalist Vincent Bennett called the crowd out, “I want you up here” and the crowd listened.  It didn’t matter how far you were from the pit the bashing reached you at one point or several others.   These guys went non-stop except for when Bennett took the time to thank those who had helped by donating, buying merch, etc. when they had their accident not too long ago.  After that he went back to being a badass informing the crowd, “there is no God, there is no Devil…there is only you and me and I will steal your fucking soul!”

I thought the energy had reached its peak at The Glass House until Every Time I Die hit the stage and all hell broke loose. They opened with “Floater”, you guys, “FLOATER.” I can’t even. I had to remind myself to shoot and not watch the whole time.  Also, holy crowd interaction Batman! I have to say that Glass House security did an excellent job at handling everyone that went over the barricade. The pit was huge and these fans were organized.  The passage was clearly defined for those ready to crowd-surf and the pit was a sight to see.  ETID is one of those bands that make other show experiences so weak compared to theirs.  They’re constantly moving around, jumping in and out of the crowd, and melting faces.  This is what a band should be and this is exactly what a show should be like.  Don’t miss out on seeing Every Time I Die when they come near you -dates are here.

Partying Is Such Sweet Sorrow
Underwater Bimbos from Outer Space
Holy Book of Dilemma
A Wild, Shameless Plain
Bored Stiff
I Suck (Blood)
Apocalypse Now and Then
No Son of Mine
Kill the Music
The Marvelous Slut
The New Black
Typical Miracle
After One Quarter of a Revolution
Indian Giver

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