Photos: Daylight, The Jealous Sound, and Balance & Composure at The Echo (Los Angeles, CA)

Daylight (Doylestown, PA), The Jealous Sound (Los Angeles, CA), Balance & Composure (Doylestown, PA)
February 7, 2013
The Echo in Los Angeles, CA

Balance & Composure are on tour right now and have brought along fellow Doylestown, PA mates Daylight and LA’s very own The Jealous Sound.  Daylight started the night off at The Echo splendidly.  These guys make music similar to Balance and Composure but on the grungier side.  They’re definitely worth checking out.

It didn’t surprise me how many fans for The Jealous Sound were at the Echo this night. What did surprise me was that some kid said that the only people singing the band’s songs were old.  I didn’t realize I was categorized as old yet.  It’s cool.   But how could you not love The Jealous Sound? They started their set with “Hope for Us” and ended their set with “Anxious Arms” it was incredible.  I can’t wait for them to play again.

How do I love Balance & Composure?  Let me count the ways. (That’s right, I just Elizabeth Barrett Browning-ed that shit. High-five, anyone? Literature nerds, anyone? Nope, just me? Okay.) From the moment Balance & Composure took the stage when vocalist Jon Simmons plainly stated, “We’re Balance & Composure from Doylestown, PA, bang your fucking heads” to the last note of their last song the band gave it their all.  They started their set off with “Quake” and within seconds the crowd lunged itself forward. This plus a steady rate of crowd-surfers was how the rest of the show went down.  You couldn’t help yourself.  Maybe it was the lava lamp-esque visuals but the energy at The Echo was incredible.  The band played quite a few jems off of Separation like “Void,” “Patience” -with help from Daylight’s vocalist, and “More to Me” but also played some songs from their split with Tigers Jaw like “Kaleidoscope” and  “Burden.” They even threw in “You Can’t Fix Me” a song off of their upcoming split with Braid out on the 26th!  These guys are just pure energy and it’s super nice to have a crowd as warm as the one at The Echo to receive it.  Balance & Composure keep getting better and better. So if this isn’t one of your favorite bands yet they probably will be really soon.  Having seen Balance & Composure as support quite a few times in the past, it is way nice to see them headline their own tour this time around.  I truly believe this may be one of the last times you’ll get to see them in venues this small.  So don’t be that guy who misses this tour -you can check out the dates here.

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