Photos: The Menzingers, La Dispute, and Hot Water Music at The Echoplex (Los Angeles)

The Menzingers (Philadelphia, PA), La Dispute (Grand Rapids, MI), Hot Water Music (Gainesville, FL)
February 5, 2013
The Echoplex in Los Angeles, CA

Gallery: The Menzingers
Gallery: La Dispute
Gallery: Hot Water Music

Hot Water Music is back you guys! Praise the powers that be!  They’re back and they have brought along two of the best bands around right now: The Menzingers and La Dispute.  I decided to catch this show at The Echoplex because it’s awesome and I knew it was the perfect place to see this monster bill go down.  I obviously wasn’t the only one who thought so because the show was sold-out.

The first band of the night was The Menzingers.  This band had the crowd warmed up within seconds of hitting the stage.  Posi jumps, good vibes, and good times.  The crowd surfers made themselves known early for this show.  There was such great energy flowing from the stage and the crowd at this show.  It was truly incredible.  Do yourself a favor and familiarize yourself with this band if you haven’t already.  Check our their latest album, On The Impossible Past that dropped early last year.  If they’re playing at a town near you go see them, you won’t regret it.

The anticipation at the Echoplex kept building.  It just about reached its peak when La Dispute hit the stage.  The photo pit was closed for their set which was kind of a bummer.  Singer Jordan Dreyer kept motioning the crowd to put their phones down.  I think he wanted folks to enjoy the show instead of worrying about filming it.  It was very understandable though. I was guilty myself of capturing a few images from the crowd.  After a few songs I put my camera away and enjoyed the show like I would have any other night too. La Dispute are incredible performers.  I didn’t think the crowd could go any crazier until Jeremy Bolm from local band Touché Amoré graced us with his presence.  They played “How I Feel” and “Why It Scares Me” off of the La Dispute/ Touché Amoré split -super awesome to hear live.  I can’t say enough good things about both bands.  If you’re unfamiliar with either please, please check them out.

Hot Water Music hadn’t even really taken the stage before the crowd started to get restless again. Before they began playing, folks were already climbing on top of each other to get closer.  So when they did begin to play the energy at the Echoplex exploded.  A show is a 2-way street and Hot Water Music fans know this -it’s bible.  The band played 16 songs back to back plus a 2 song encore.  All perfect.  Chuck Ragan’s throaty roar can transcend and reach every inch and cranny of a venue.  Chris Wallard co-vocalist is never far behind. Jason Black killed it all night long along with drummer George Rebello. Their setlist nicely spanned their discography they even threw in “Trusty Chords.”   Hot Water Music is a band you have to see at least once or 20 times.  The crowd was a mess of swaying/singing people.  If you looked around you could see flannel-wearing bearded men with an arm around one another singing and drinking.  Which is exactly what you’re supposed to see at shows.  A sight so beautiful to see.  Hot Water Music still has it and hopefully it never leaves again.  An end to all hiatuses forever!

Hot Water Music’s setlist:
Flight and a Crash
State of Grace
Trusty Chords
Jack of all Trades
Paid in Full
Our Own Way
Drag My Body
One Step to Slip
True Believer (Bouncing Souls cover)

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