Concert Review + Photos: Emmure and Whitechapel at The Danforth Music Hall (Toronto)

Brothers Of Brutality Tour
Widowmaker (Farnborough, UK), The Plot In You (Findlay, Ohio), Obey The Brave (Montreal, Ottawa), Unearth (Boston, MA), Whitechapel (Knoxville, TN), and Emmure (Queens, NY)
February 6, 2013
Danforth Music Hall in Toronto, Canada

Rockstar Energy Drink and Revolver are currently supporting the Brothers Of Brutality Tour.  The tour is being headlined by Emmure and Whitechapel, along side of Unearth and other growing bands in popularity.

The first thing that I would like to say is that The Danforth Music Hall was a great location to hold a concert such as this.  There was more then enough room to accommodate the overwhelming response to the concert and the entire evening went smooth with little trouble amongst guests.

The first band of the evening was a local band called Widowmaker.  At first glance you could tell that this was a younger band but from their first song you could tell that they have great potential.  The solid growl and screams coming out of the small lead singer would make you double take on this band.  Much can be anticipated from Widowmaker and I look forward to seeing them again.

The next band to come on was The Plot In You.  A band from Findlay, Ohio who are part of the Brothers of Brutality Tour.  They really blew me away with the guitar and vocal work, powerful choruses and clean vocals.  The amount of energy this band brought was very intense.  Opening with a hard riff then switching into a calmer sound with clean vocals and then to build back into an intense moment is really what gave this band their adrenaline  -it was hard for them to stay still.  They had backing tracks playing on the speakers to add extra ambience to their songs and to me this combination really gave quite the performance. I heard sounds from this band that I have never heard before and will be following this band closely.

The next band to hit the stage was Obey The Brave, from Montreal and Ottawa.  This hardcore band is a band I have heard a few songs by but had not really grasped them and their true sound.  Their performance really showed me what they could do.  Being a hardcore/metal band can sometimes make it hard for bands to really find their sound and diversify themselves from similar sounding bands but  this band does that.  Also the lead singer for this band was the former vocalist for Despised Icon.  Having that status certainly does not hurt their fan base. Despised Icon was one of my favourite bands a few years ago  and I actually did not realize it was the same singer until the show. I was really pumped up to find this out and was happy to see this metamorphosis for lead singer Alexandre Erain and that he’s still doing well for himself.

The next band to play the stage was one of my all time personal favourites, Unearth  from Boston, Massachusetts.   Iwas not surprising to see how well the band performed after all they are a long time touring metal band with a large fan base.  Playing classics such as “Giles” and “My Will Be Done” along side of their newer songs made for an interesting show.  These days I don’t listen to Unearth too much, but back in high school they were a go-to band for me for a good experience and also inspiration to me as a drummer.  Even though the band isn’t as young as they used to be, nor were they headlining the tour, a reaction could be seen by the fans.  People screaming and shouting out the names of the band members as they were coming onto the stage.  The band nearly sold out of their merch.  I could really see the impact this band had on a lot of people and they did not let us down.  Aside from not hearing all the old songs I would have liked to hear the performance was amazing and am truly proud to say that I have seen Unearth live.

The second to last band to hit the stage -but certainly not the least, was Whitechapel from Knoxville Tennessee.  Being the second time seeing them and the second time reviewing them for Mezzic, it was interesting for me personally to see them again and hear their new album.  I remember the first time I saw them: the crowds, the mosh pits, fans crowd surfing their way to the front and everyone have an amazing time.  And Whitechapel brought the noise and energy everyone knew they would this time.  Playing mostly songs from their new record such as “Hate Creation” and a few of the older songs such as “Possession” they had something for everyone and more.  Aside from the amazing light show and stage performance and the obvious passion the bandmates have for music -I mean these are what people look like who love what they do-  the energy in the room was outstanding.  By the word of frontman Phil Bozeman the crowd would do as he pleased.   From a circle pit to a wall of death -at least I believe that is the correct name for it.  If you don’t know what that is, it is when half the crowd is moved to the left side and the other half to the right and run into each other by the command of the band.  It is truly a great thing to watch.

The fifth and final band to perform that evening was one of my top favourite bands, Emmure from Queens, New York.  I have long, long awaited to see  this band perform live.   From their older albums up until their newest album Slave to the Game, I have been following Emmure. I have loved each and everyone of their songs in their own way.  Truly amazing musicianship and song writing -although a few people wouldn’t agree with me on that, all you have to do is listen to their music, think about what they just did, and ask yourself, “now how many other bands could do that?”  There are many reasons as to why I love Emmure.  Some in particular would have to be the content of the lyrics, the guitar work  -which happens to be exactly what I get out of guitar when I play.  The vocal style -which has influenced me in my own dreams of being a vocalist one day.  Just listening to Frankie Palmeri’s vocal styles and singing along to the songs have improved my own vocals exponentially.  Truly a great influence and inspiration the band Emmure is to me musically.  Seeing them live has been an amazing experience.  I’m very greatly looking forward to the day when they return and I can hear them play their songs again.

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