Photos: Local Natives at The Fonda Theatre (Los Angeles, CA)

Superhumanoids (Los Angeles, CA), Local Natives (Los Angeles, CA)
January 28, 2013
The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles, CA

Gallery: Superhumanoids
Gallery: Local Natives

Local Natives kicked off the first in a string of shows at the Fonda Theatre in support of their newest release, Hummingbird.  The sold-out show started off with local band Superhumanoids.  The band played their show practically in the dark and let their music do the talking.  The crowd received them very kindly and in exchange they gave us a set of music to vibe out to.  Superhumanoids are hard to place in terms of genre.  This could be the band for you if you tend to like your pop eclectic, and dabble in dance and/or electronica music.  But Superhumanoids are not exactly these things. They are so much more than those things and whatever it is will only get better.  You’re just going to have to listen for yourself.

Local Natives shows are kind of a big deal in LA.  They usually go up and sell out at a moment’s notice.  They are far from their residency days at Spaceland (the Satellite now) just a few years ago.  So it’s no surprise that tonight’s show is sold out and that people are more excited than they’d like to admit.  Except they totally admit it because it’s the fucking Local Natives you know?  Local Natives are the pride and joy of Silverlake.  But they are no longer Silverlake’s little band.  They have leveled up and it’s obvious.  They started the set off with “Breakers” one of  11 fantastic tunes off of Hummingbird  dove straight into “Wide Eyes” and then into “Heavy Feet.” The crowd went nuts heck, I went nuts!  What a fantastic introduction. The setlist (see below) was expertly curated.  With each song played the excitement, the joy, the energy, everyone’s smiles would build.  When the band reached “Sun Hands” -the last song of their set for the night, the energy reached its peak.  Both the crowd and the band were equally spazzing out. It was the best time.  The thing about having really awesome home town bands is that you don’t see them play as often as you would like.  Short of traveling, Southern California is going to have to wait until Coachella to see Local Natives again. But maybe you won’t! You can check out their upcoming tour dates here.

Wide Eyes
Heavy Feet
You & I
Black Spot
Camera Talk
Warning Sign
World News
Wooly Mammoth
Who Knows Who Cares
Sun Hands

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