Photos: Napalm Death and Municipal Waste at the House of Blues (Hollywood, CA)

Exhumed (San Jose, CA), The Dwarves (Highland Park, IL), Napalm Death (Birmingham, UK), Municipal Waste (Richmond, VA)
November 14, 2012
House of Blues in Hollywood, CA

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Gallery: Napalm Death
Gallery: Municipal Waste

Napalm Death is a legendary band.  Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity to photograph this tour when it came to a city near me.  On the bill for the night were Attitude Adjustment, Exhumed, The Dwarves, Napalm Death, and Municipal Waste.  I arrived at the House of Blues on Sunset just in time to catch Exhumed. The last show I had shot was Cursive and Minus the Bear so when I heard a chainsaw and then saw what looked like a butcher running towards the crowd I jumped 20 feet.  I was both scared and intrigued at how fans put their hands in the air while this butcher waved his chainsaw over the crowd.  I was sure someone was going to get their finger sawed off but it didn’t happen.  What did happen was Exhumed melted the faces off everyone in the crowd and got a very nice pit going.  The Dwarves are one of the bands I caught at Fun Fun Fun Fest who I was anxious to see this night.  I mean, they’re The motherfuckin’ Dwarves -rock legends. They’re such a fun band to watch and one you should make it out to see if you get the chance.  Mic grabs, crowd surfing, all fun.  By the time Napalm Death hit the stage the pit was huge.  It spanned about 70% of the floor space.  Barney Greenway their lead vocalist hit the stage swinging and in an almost manic state in front of the drum kit as usual and then began his trademark growl.  They killed it and the crowd obviously enjoyed every minute of it -quite a few ladies hit the mosh pit. Very impressive.  Finally the other co-headliner Municipal Waste hit the stage.  I had seen their set at Fun Fun Fun Fest and I was waiting the whole night for the “MUNICIPAL WASTE IS GONNA FUCK YOU UP” chant to begin.  Their singer Tony Foresta finally ordered the crowd to start the chant towards the end of their set.  He also got the crowd to mosh wall of death style. Almost like the red-rover of moshing, where folks charge at each other from two sides of the floor space.  This show was brutal and the crowd worked itself up into the biggest mosh I’ve ever seen to date.  So awesome.




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