Festival Review + Photos: Fun Fun Fun Fest NITES: Sainthood Reps and La Dispute at Holy Mountain (Austin, TX)

Sainthood Reps (Long Island, NY), La Dispute (Grand Rapids, MI)
November 3, 2012
Holy Mountain in Austin, Texas

After Day 2 of the festival I biked down to Holy Mountain to catch another one of the NITES shows.  These shows are free to anyone with a festival wristband and go on after the festival at quite a few venues around Austin.  You look at the lineups at each location and decide which one you’d like to attend.  I decided on Sainthood Reps and La Dispute at Holy Mountain. Holy Mountain is this great place in the heart of Austin where they serve great drinks and have a cornered stage so you can sit and watch or stand and watch. I got a big kick off their motto which was “Holy Mountain: where drinking dreams come true.” I arrived fairly early to this dreamland of theirs and decided on a spot right up front because I know a La Dispute show (at least in CA) will fill up fast which was the very case in Austin too. The Sainthood Reps are a band I’ve caught a few times in CA.  Their music has definitely grown on me.  I know after I see them play I always end up humming “Animal Glue” to myself.  They put on an energetic live show and for those Brand New fans out there they have Derrick Sherman on guitar/backup vocal duties.  Check these guys out if you have yet to hear their material. Although by now I’m sure you have.  They’ve been busy on tour with some fantastic acts this past year.  La Dispute is a pleasure to watch as always.  The crowd was perfect and never missed a word or a beat.  There were a few crowd surfers but only 1 made it to the stage.  Vocalist Jordan Dreyer shared his duties happily with the crowd who took over when ever they got the chance.  La Dispute killed this show just like they kill every show I’ve caught of theirs.  Their setlist was nicely divided between their full lengths and they even threw in a Here, Hear song as well.  Super fun show to catch.  After their set and some mingling with the locals I unlocked my bike and pedaled back to my hotel singing Sainthood Reps “Animal Glue”  to myself as usual.

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