Festival Photos: Fun Fun Fun Fest Day 2 at Auditorium Shores (Austin, TX)

Fun Fun Fun Fest Day 2
Joyce Manor (Torrance, CA), Anamanaguchi (New York, NY), Braid (Urbana, IL), DMC (Queens, NY), Why? (Cincinnati, OH), The Riverboat Gamblers (Denton/Austin, TX), Surfer Blood (West Palm Beach, FL), Paul Banks (NY), Real Estate (Ridgewood, NJ), Youth of Today (New York, NY), The Head and The Heart (Seattle, WA), STRFKR (Portland, OR)
November 3, 2012
Auditorium Shores in Austin, Texas

Gallery: Fun Fun Fun Fest Day 2

Day 2 of Fun Fun Fun Fest for me started out much like Day 1 with a few very important exceptions.  I biked down to the festival and headed out to the black stage to catch my first band of the day.  The lineup was especially insane and I had to compromise all day.  I was running from one stage to another trying to catch everyone I had on my list.  I did alright except that I arrived too late for  shooting Refused and the crowd rushed the security and some artists, photographers, along with myself were left out with no way in. This is probably my only regret but I caught the show as a fan and they killed it.  I spent the little downtime I had drinking my weight in water and slurpees, catching some of the other attractions Fun Fun Fun Fest had to offer -wrestling, skateboarding, comedy, and I tried some fantastic kimchi fries (thanks for the tip John!). For the unenlightened kimchi fries are: french fries covered with kimchi, grilled onions, cheese, sesame seeds, sriracha, cilantro, some sauce (I don’t know what it is but it tastes incredible), and a pile of Korean BBQ. So good.  I also finally caught the famous Taco Canon!  If it’s one thing Texans or Fun Fun Fun Fest-ers are crazy about is their tacos.  I’ve never seen anyone so excited to catch/eat a taco before in my life.  Another thing I saw at Fun Fun Fun Fest that I’d never seen before in my life was a dude in ass-less chaps with his lady friend who was dressed as a fuzzy unicorn and her bra was painted on.  Keep Texas weird, right?  But the bands I caught played excellently.  DMC looked into my camera again -I told you we were best friends, I caught one of the best performances I’ve ever seen by the Riverboat Gamblers, and I was blown away by STRFKR’s light show. A good day at the festival indeed.

Joyce Manor





The Riverboat Gamblers

Surfer Blood

Paul Banks

Real Estate

The Head and the Heart



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