Fun Fun Fun Fest NITES
Astronautalis (Seattle, WA)
November 1, 2012
The Belmont in Austin, Texas

So right after the Run-DMC performance at Fun Fun Fun Fest I biked down to The Belmont to see one of the Fun Fun Fun Fest  NITES shows going on. You see, the festival not only had music all day but at night too.  I decided to head down to the Astronautalis show because an Astronautalis show is always a good time.  I feel like I made the right choice because not only did I get to watch another amazing performance by Andy but I met Mannie Fresh. How awesome is Texas, honestly?! So awesome! The Belmont is a killer place.  They have a stage outside so you see city lights while you’re at a show.  There was so much dancing going on it was incredible.  Everyone was super nice and the drinks are good. I ended up biking back to my hotel and getting back around 2:30 in the morning for sleep so I could do it all again with different performers the next day. Fun Fun Fun Fest is heaven.

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