Festival Photos: Fun Fun Fun Fest Day 1 at Auditorium Shores (Austin, TX)

Fun Fun Fun Fest Day 1
FIDLAR (Los Angeles, CA), Torche (Miami/Gainesville, FL and Atlanta, GA), Cursive (Omaha, NE), Dwarves (Highland Park, IL), Napalm Death (Birmingham, UK),  Astronautalis (Seattle, WA), Minus the Bear (Seattle, WA), Against Me! (Gainesville, FL), Superchunk (Chapel Hill, NC), Run-D.M.C. (Hollis Queens, NY)
November 2, 2012
Auditorium Shores in Austin, Texas

Gallery: Fun Fun Fun Fest day 1

I’m often told my impulsivity gets the best of me.  It sometimes gets me into trouble but most of the time it just gets me into awesome situations.  The latest firecracker I lit under my own butt was Fun Fun Fun Fest.  This brilliant 3-day-festival takes place annually in Austin and lines up not only some of the best musicians, but comedians, food, fashion, and artists too. I booked a hotel, bought a plane ticket, and asked for time off work the day before I was planning on heading out. It all happened so quickly but I knew I couldn’t miss this festival, the line up was just too good. I arrived in Austin the day before the festival.  I rented a bike, got familiarized with the city, and got my press passes early because I knew the next 3 days were going to be extremely busy.

The day of the festival I biked down from my hotel and locked my bike on the several bike racks FFFFest provided for the festival-goers.  In an effort to ease traffic in Austin they were strongly recommending that those who could bike down should.  Inside were rows of tents selling different art prints, food tents, food carts that included a free all you can er…slurp 7-11 slurpee truck (best. truck. ever.), Heniken tents, skateboard ramps, and of course the stages- yellow, orange, blue, and black.

As I went in I made my way out to the Black stage to catch FIDLAR.  FIDLAR (Fuck It Dog Life’s A Risk) is a band I’ve caught in LA many times.  They put on a hell of a show.  Their brand of punk rock tunes are relatable except all the drug talk goes over my head. Super fun to watch nonetheless.

Torche is one of those bands that made the FFFFest decision easy.  Torche is killing it right now. These guys are amazing.

Cursive did beautifully. Cursive is a band that I got into heavily this year and am so glad I finally caught them at Fun Fun Fun Fest. They played excellently.

Dwarves are killer.  So much energy, all over the place, all the time.  They were on and off the stage and in and out of the crowd.  Their vocalist spent a good minute crowd surfing while singing.  So awesome.

Napalm Death is legendary.  It was super awesome to see this band on the black stage.  Super heavy music but super awesome.  When they’re not playing these fellows are all smiles.  They killed their Fun Fun Fun Fest performance.

Astronautalis is a hell of a showman.  Each time I see him his show gets better.  In true Astronautalis fashion he jumped down from the stage and out into the crowd.  He got everyone to crouch down with him and then jump up.  Sounds cheesy but it was one of the coolest things I saw at Fun Fun Fun Fest.  An awesome artist and show to watch each and every time.

Minus the Bear is fantastic.  Though they played during high sun they had one of the biggest crowds that day at the festival.  This was a met you’d have been sorry to miss. They played a lot of songs off their newest record Infinity Overhead. But played a lot of classic Minus the Bear songs too.  Give this band a listen if you haven’t yet.

Again, Against Me! was one of the bands I really wanted to see at Fun Fun Fun Fest.  With Tom Gable’s recent change this band had a lot of buzz around them.  Against Me!  is alive and kicking.  They put on an amazing performance one of the best ones at Fun Fun Fun Fest for sure.

Superchunk is amazing.

Run-DMC is an act I thought I’d never see live but thanks to Fun Fun Fun Fest I was able to not only see but shoot them.  This performance was their first in 13 years and they confessed they had declined at first. These guys are incredible and they played a lot of their hits including “It’s Tricky” and “My Addidas.” So good. One for the books. Also because DMC looked into my camera more than once I’m going to assume we’re best friends now. Both Rev Run and DMC are two of the nicest folks you’d ever want to meet. They are the coolest. I feel like Fun Fun Fun Fest’s first day was heavy on nostalgia.  The lineup was heavy on classics and there were a lot of diehard fans for every act performing.  Stay tuned for tomorrow when Day 2 coverage goes up.


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