Photography: TAYF10 Anniversary Tour at Club Nokia (Los Angeles)

Man Overboard (NJ), Bayside (Long Island, NY), and Taking Back Sunday (Long Island, NY)
October 25th, 2012
Club Nokia in Los Angeles, CA

Bayside and Taking Back Sunday are on tour together this fall folks.  They’re bringing one of the best shows to many cities in support of the 10th year anniversary of Taking Back Sunday’s record Tell All Your Friends.  Without a doubt this is one of the best shows going around and one you should make every effort to attend.  Man Overboard started the night off smoothly at Club Nokia.  Their songs were catchy and their hooks were memorable.  If it’s one thing they made clear that night is that pop punk is definitely not dead.  As Bayside hit the stage the crowd at Club Nokia let loose.  I had been waiting to catch a proper Bayside set and am so glad I was there to see this one.  They floored me.  They played a nice mix of newer and older songs.  They even played “Devotion and Desire. So good! The band put on a hell of a show and I couldn’t wait to get back into the crowd to sing along with everyone.  After their set I ran back into the photo pit and got Anthony Raneri’s guitar pick (total fan moment I know, but I just had to). I can’t wait to see Bayside again. They got the crowd riled up and were the perfect set up for Taking Back Sunday.  Tell All Your Friends is a record that has made the All-Time-Favorite list of many.   Seeing it played live in its entirety is a different animal.  Before they jumped into it they played some of their other songs but the crowd went nuts as soon as they got into the record.  Adam Lazzara is a hell of a showman. He spent his time swinging his mic around, in and out of the crowd, and on and off the floor.  We got to hear a Straylight Run cover for “Existentialism on Prom Night” which was one of the greatest things I’ve ever witnessed.  We were so lucky we even got Michelle Nolan and Neil Rubenstein! Everyone in the pit was bonding.  There were folks singing together, crying together, jumping together -it was beautiful.  I hugged and high-fived a few strangers myself.  It was beautiful because we were all reminded of the power of good music.  It brings folks together.  It makes for an excellent time.  For the love of all things holy go see this show -dates are here.

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