Photography: Wiping out Thousands at 7th Street Entry (Minneapolis, MN)

Wiping out Thousands (Minneapolis, MN), sloslylove (Eau Claire, WI), and LaLiberte (Minneapolis, MN)
November 2nd, 2012
7th Street Entry in Minneapolis, MN

Wiping out Thousands took to the 7th Street Entry stage to celebrate the release of their first album, titled This Came First. The local duo brought a huge sound, splashy light show and a lot of anticipation surrounding their LP.

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A balance of keyboards, Taylor’s aggressive guitar, and Alaine’s untouched vocals bleeding into bends and twists created an atmosphere ripe for moving bodies and glow sticks; crack em if you got em.

Watching both artists seamlessly float between each instrument or device at their disposal with such immense concentration was a show in it’s own right. All of this focus made Taylor’s breakdowns on the guitar that much more intense, like he was waiting to really let loose and let his mind relax, if only for a minute.

Few words were spoken between the songs over the course of the show. Taylor thanked everyone for coming out and supporting free music. Yes, their album is free (or pay what you want) and can be found here: This Came First.

Set List:

Follow Me Into the Wake
In Gold
More Than Five Million
Mass Nerve
Collision of Teeth
I’m A
Below Tripping
As We Sink a Foot Deeper Into the Earth

— Encore —

Once in a Lifetime
Let’s Dance

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