Photography: Campfire OK at Hotel Cafe (Los Angeles, CA)

Campfire OK (Seattle, WA)
October 23rd, 2012
The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, CA

Campfire OK finally made it out to California for their first Los Angeles show at Hotel Cafe.  Hotel Cafe for those unfamiliar, is a hidden gem in the heart of Los Angeles.  They have a knack for putting on these amazing small word-of-mouth shows (they also make a mean drink).  I’ve caught some incredible shows here but the Campfire OK one has been my favorite to date.  The band treated the folks in attendance to their newest material due out next year.  Those who follow the band on their various social media sites have already heard “Wishing You The Best” and “Whereabouts,” two songs they’ve released in a month-by-month countdown to the album release date.  But those at Hotel Cafe got a very nice preview of what’s to come -though we definitely would have liked to hear some of the older material. We also got to see the band’s newest member Zarni DeWet who very nicely fills the role Melody Knight use to play.  Overall Campfire OK put on an amazing performance.  The largest crowd I’ve ever seen at the Hotel Cafe loved every second of it.  With due right because as great as the band sounds in their videos and records, I assure you seeing them live is another thing entirely.  They played great and sounded even better.  Their last album, Strange Like We Are is one of my favorites of all time and the one we are anxiously expecting, When You Have Arrived will not disappoint.  They are behind some of the best music I’ve heard and I’m sure will hear. I never get tired of talking about this Seattle band. For you lucky ducks in or near Seattle, Campfire OK will be playing with Loch Lomond at Neumos December 13th -tickets can be purchased here.

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