Photography: P.O.S ‘We Don’t Even Live Here’ Record Release at First Avenue (Minneapolis, MN)


The Tribe & Big Cats! (Minneapolis, MN), Audio Perm (Twin Cities, MN), Mike Mictlan (Minneapolis, MN), Marijuana Deathsquads (Minneapolis, MN) and P.O.S (Minneapolis, MN)
October 26th, 2012
First Avenue in Minneapolis, MN

Full Gallery: P.O.S We Don’t Even Live Here Record Release

With temps dropping quickly the past week and how many performers made it on First Ave’s stage Friday night, you could’ve sworn that Doomtree Blowout 8 was well underway. While TTxBC had only two on stage, it seemed the rest of the night required a minimum of 6 members in each set; Audio Perm had minimum 10, Marijuana Deathsquads had their dual drumkits alongside Ben, Drew and Channy of Poliça, Ryan Olson, Spyder Baybie, and Plain Ole Bill while Stef brought out the Doomtree crew to boost him through. Not only was the night a celebration of his superb We Don’t Even Live Here (our review), it was a way for the Twin Cities to show support for P.O.S just days after he announced the cancellation of his tour due to needing an immediate kidney transplant. Not only were people outpouring love into the P.O.S kidney donation jar at the merch table, the online fundraiser has been growing and growing to help him afford medical bills, prescription costs and living expenses to get one of the hardest working musicians today healthy and better than ever.

The night saw Stef run through We Don’t Even Live Here from start to finish (sans Justin Vernon, who was in Poland, and Astronautalis, who was off touring). Some time after he offered to pull a Jay-Z/Kanye and do “Get Down” 17 times in a row, he set aside new songs for the new classics and Doomtree cuts; “Meth-Head vs. McNugget,” “Optimist,” “Drumroll,” “Bolt Cutter,” “Low Light Low Life,” “Bangarang” and “Purexed.” Even with his health, the man proved overly impressive throughout both his sets but even with Marijuana Deathsquads, giving First Avenue the best night of music he’s delivered on that stage either solo, as part of Gayngs, or Doomtree.

And here’s to many more to come.

Photos after the video of Stef explaining the tour cancellation and his health. Help him heal up:

[youtube url=]

The Tribe & Big Cats!

Audio Perm

Audio Perm

Ryan Olson, P.O.S, Spyder Baby, Ander & Channy of Poliça in Marijuana Deathsquads

P.O.S during Marijuana Deathsquads


Mike Mictlan

Dessa, Mike Mictlan, Sims & P.O.S


Edit: For a taste, here’s some YouTube footage.

[youtube url=]

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