Photography: Justice at Congress Theater (Chicago, IL)

Justice at Congress Theater

Justice (Paris, France) and Zebo (Chicago, IL)
October 24th, 2012
Congress Theater in Chicago, Illinois

Gallery: Justice at Congress Theater

Last night in Chicago, you either had Justin Bieber at Rosemont or Justice at Congress. We chose the right concert.

For Peter of Frontier Psychiatrist and I, it was our first experience even though Justice made it to headline Lollapalooza alongside Jack White. While Audio, Video, Disco didn’t seem to catch as much as  did, it grows on the listener. However, experiencing Justice last night was basically turning the lights on a a darkness you have been living in for ages; it’s an entirely different sensation. Personally, it was as if seeing Housse de Racket in Paris with their accompanying light show versus seeing them on a simple stage without it. The visual layer added a hard punch to “Civilization,” grit to “Canon,” and that classic 80s ‘pushed to 11’ to “New Lands.”  Yes, “DVNO” and others appeased those who may have passed on the new album, but “On’n’On” proved people need to give the Ed Banger flag-bearers a good solid revisit.


Waiting for Justice





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