Photography: Bad Books at The Irenic (San Diego, CA)

Bad Books (Atlanta, Brooklyn, Fort Myers), Harrison Hudson (Nashville, TN), The Drowning Men (Oceanside, CA)
October 11th, 2012
The Irenic in San Diego, CA

Bad Books is on tour everyone! The brought along Harrison Hudson and The Drowning Men to The Irenic in San Diego, a religious center of sorts that made for a weird but fun show.  Harrison Hudson started the night off with their adorable brand of rock n’ roll that just kinda makes me nostalgic for a time that I wasn’t even a part of and maybe a milkshake at a 24-hr diner or something. They were super good. The Drowning Men have a timeless air to them.  They have this vintage air to them, almost as if they just walked off a Navy ship or worked as longshoremen at some point in time.  These guys  -full sleeves, perfect mustaches and beards and all, are making some incredible music.  Blending a little bit of almost every style of music, I guarantee you’ll find something to like in The Drowning Men’s music. Keep an eye on these guys.  Finally Bad Books took the stage.  They started with some songs from their first album and after a bit dug into some of the tracks of II.  Though the album is beautiful there’s something about hearing both Kevin Devine and Andy Hull’s voice live.  With the help of Robert McDowell, Chris Freeman, Jonathan Corley, and Ben Homola they gave a different dimension to their songs. Beautiful.  All of them. This is a show you’re definitely going to want to see live.  The dates are here.  Don’t miss out!


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